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How to Style White Tennis Skirt | Top Outfit Ideas

We can turn a white tennis skirt into an everyday outfit same as we can wear a baseball jacket. So, if you don’t know what a tennis skirt is, then to clear it for you, it’s a simple flared and pleated mini skirt normally worn while playing tennis, but now tennis skirts have made their way out of tennis court, and you can wear them every day and feel young and pretty.

The great thing about pleated tennis skirts is they are very easy to pull off, and you can create a great outfit for everyday wear. Stick to this article till the end if you have tennis skirts in your wardrobe and are looking for some simple yet amazing styling ideas. In today’s article, we will guide you on how you can create some gorgeous casual and formal outfits with your white pleated tennis skirts.

Crop Top with Tennis Skirt

The high-waisted mini skirt is perfect to create a great everyday look. One such high-waisted mini skirt is a pleated tennis skirt; you can pair a plain crop top (you can go for light colors) with your tennis skirt. This combo is perfect as it allows you to show off just half an inch of your upper belly and gives you a sexy and young look. For bottoms, try white sandals to add a refreshing touch, and your look is complete.

Sweatshirt with Tennis Skirt

Looking for a stylish and lovely way to style your tennis skirt? Well, look no more because you have got one stylish option. Pair it with your chunky, plain sweatshirts. The greatest advantage of this look is that when you make your upper body look sort of chunky, your legs will look a lot slimmer and longer. For shoes, the great white sandals or the comfy white sneakers would be great; they both will give a casual and sporty look.

Tennis Skirt with Cropped Tube Top & Mesh Top

If you don’t want to show off your body too much, then a crop top or a tube top with tennis skirts is a great combination as tennis skirts are high-waisted, and you will not be showing off too much skin. How about you pair your white tennis skirts with a black cropped tube top? This will create a super stylish layered outfit. To achieve a chic look, simply wear plain white sandals.

Wear with Black Off the Shoulder Long Sleeve Crop Top

Wear a black long sleeve off-shoulder cropped tee to create yet another beautiful outfit that elegantly involves a crop top. Create a minimal and stylish black-and-white outfit by pairing it with a white tennis skirt and white sandals.

Cropped Halter Top with Denim Jacket

Your white tennis skirts need a jacket, buddy, and that should be no one else than your denim jacket. This refreshing and stylish blue and white combo of denim jacket and the halter top are strong enough to beat any other combination. For innerwear, you can wear a grey halter crop top, and for the bottoms, try to pair this outfit with plain white sandals and complete this amazing look.

White Long Sleeve Skinny Fit Cropped T-Shirt

Wear a white long sleeve cropped t-shirt with a white tennis skirt to achieve the rare level of looking pure and sexy altogether. Achieve an all-white distinctive look by wearing white heeled sandals for the bottom, and bam! Your gorgeous outfit is complete.

Black and White Striped Vest Top with White Tennis Skirt

To create a stylish and casual street look, pair your white tennis skirt with an amazing black and white striped vest. Wear black combat boots for the bottoms and a stylish touch by wearing a small leather backpack.

Tennis Skirt with Black Cropped Knit Sweater

You can pair your white tennis skirts with a black cropped and form-fitting knit sweater to create a unique and perfect outfit that can make you stand out in the spring and the fall. The perfect shoes would be White sandals that will match with the rest of the outfit.

I hope you enjoy all the great outfit ideas that you can create with your white tennis skirt. It is highly recommended that you try all of the outfits mentioned above once to turn around some eyes as well, as they are very easy to pull off, and the final outcome is just amazing.

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