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How Fitness Industry Marketing Works

Effective marketing is the key to success in any business, but campaigns that work great in other industries aren’t always a good fit for gyms, fitness studios, and other local businesses. Today, gym owners need to come up with marketing campaigns that are tailored to their companies’ and customers’ needs. They can get started by finding out how fitness marketing works.

Key Takeaways From the Pandemic

The novel coronavirus pandemic has changed just about everything about how people live, including how they work out. Whether a local gym has adapted to the changing climate by offering online classes or simply taken extra steps to ensure customers’ health and safety, it’s important to let people know. Because many health-conscious people continue to work from home and avoid unnecessary risks, the most effective fitness industry marketing campaigns for the COVID age focus primarily on digital marketing.

The Importance of Appropriate Communication

At this point, communication is more essential than ever. It’s the key to keeping existing members engaged and loyal to the gym’s brand while simultaneously attracting new customers. 

Keeping open channels of communication online doesn’t mean overwhelming people’s email inboxes or posting 300 social media updates per day. Instead, gym owners should focus on providing high-value, relevant content. Posting regularly on social media and sending out newsletters can help keep any brand relevant, but going overboard will only annoy potential customers.

Get Current Members Involved

One of the great things about fitness marketing is that it’s often possible to enlist the help of loyal brand enthusiasts. Current gym members should be encouraged to share their stories online via pictures, videos, or text. Sharing success stories on the gym’s website or social media pages is validating for current members and gives the marketing campaign a personal touch.

There’s no reason to stop at requesting online reviews and sharing customers’ success stories on social media. Local gyms can also leverage the power of their existing customer bases by starting brand loyalty programs. Try offering discounts, branded merchandise, or gift certificates to current members who bring friends or family members in to sign up.

Invest in Content Creation

High-value, relevant content is important for all digital marketing campaigns, but it’s arguably even more essential for local gyms. Investing in content creation helps to draw in new customers in two ways:

It’s an SEO best practice that helps drive better search engine performance.

It keeps existing members and potential leads interested, even when they’re not at the gym.

Ideally, content creation should be part of a larger digital marketing strategy that encompasses web design, social media presence, local search results, and more. Try to find a marketing agency that can handle all facets of online and print advertising. It will keep everything on-brand, simplify communication, and make it easier to track each campaign’s progress and effectiveness.

Start 2022 Off Right

Gym owners who are ready to put the hassles, stress, and headaches of the coronavirus pandemic behind them should start preparing for 2022 now. While there’s no denying that COVID-19 still poses a serious threat, athletic, healthy, and fully vaccinated fitness enthusiasts are ready to get back to their routines. Make it easier for interested customers to find a local gym that can accommodate all of their needs by reaching out to an advertising agency that can help now.

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