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Easy Ways of Money Transfers

Are you thinking about sending your child to study abroad, somewhere in Europe or elsewhere? Maybe you have already chosen a city, a university, and a specialization? But then the question arises, how to pay for the university fees, how to send money to your child, so they can pay off bills? For the first time, you can give them cash, but still, there are different situations when you need to send money urgently. Our article will explain how to solve this problem (which, in fact, is not a problem at all)! 

Money Transfers Explained! 

We applaud your decision to give your children a good education! As a true parent, you have to think of every detail to make sure that the freshman adjustment period of your child goes well. Without money these days are difficult, so it’s worth taking care of how to send money for your child’s life and studies. 

Money Transfers to Bank Account 

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to financial transactions and operations is of course traditional banks. But are the banks’ services so convenient? If you need to pay your tuition fee, the university will give you a bank account, using which you can do all money transfers. In this case, it is easier to transfer from your online account to the account of an overseas university but be prepared for large transfer commissions. The situation will get worse if you do not have an online account, then you will need to personally stand in a queue at the bank and pay the tuition fee in cash. Because of the commission, this is not the right way to send SEPA money transfers to your student on a regular basis.

Genome Online Account 

With Genome, sending money has never been easier! What is this electronic money institution? It’s an online platform where you can open an account in any currency (EUR, GBP, USD), make money transfers quickly and easily, exchange currencies, and more. If you open an account with Genome for yourself and your adult child, you can send any amount of money to other Genome users in a matter of seconds and with no fees at all. You don’t have to wait 3-4 business days (as is the case with many bank transfers) for the money transfers to reach the eWallet of the recipient. 

The conclusion is obvious, it’s better to use for the long-term perspective! 

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