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How to Save Money on Insulin?

Insulin belongs to that category of medications people need to constantly take in order to efficiently monitor their blood sugar and support good health. It cannot be compared to paracetamol we are taking once in a while once there is a need. Insulin treatment is compulsory during the whole life if the person has been diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. Unfortunately, insulin treatment is not a cheap satisfaction, so people are forced to look for ways to get their treatment at more beneficial prices.

During recent years, the American market experienced a great leap in prices, including insulin, making the medicine not affordable for many people, destroying their family budgets and saving, or even rationing their insulin that is health- and life-threatening.

Fortunately, there is a solution on how you can get your insulin products at more reasonable prices. Keep on reading to find out more!

Order insulin online

It is not a secret for anyone that purchasing any products online, including medicine and insulin preparations, is much cheaper and beneficial than at offline stores and pharmacies. There are many factors like no need to pay rent, salaries to numeral staff, additional taxes, public service, and so on that make it possible for the owners of online businesses to provide the customers with more beneficial prices by cutting their expenses compared to the offline competitors.

So, I strongly recommend you consider ordering online. Just sit and compare the prices at local pharmacies and online pharms. I am sure that when you calculate the difference, the amount you can be saving monthly and annually on your insulin therapy can be impressive.

Buy Insulin from Canada and Save up to 80%

This is not a myth that drugs in Canada are much more affordable in terms of prices than in the USA. Unfortunately, the American market of medications is not regulated but the government, so manufacturers and pharmacies have got more freedom in their pricing policies.

This resulted in an almost double price rise for medications in the last few years. For ordinary insulin-dependent American citizens, who sometimes are forced to spend almost their whole income on the insulin treatment for themselves or their close ones, such prices are an unbearable burden.

Unlike the United States, their neighbor Canada strictly regulates the prices for all local and drugs. That is why you can observe such a ridiculous situation that human insulin manufactured in the USA is cheaper in Canada than its country of origin. Click here to learn more.

The difference in price between American and Canadian insulin is drastic. In some cases, it may reach an unbelievable number of 80 or even 90%. Thus, the price for the US fast-acting insulin Novolog is around $300, while in Canada, you can purchase its exact analog NovoRapid just by $30 per vial. Can you imagine the difference?

Get discounts on human insulin

Various pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies elaborate their own ways to attract and keep a client. Some offer discounts, promos, a personal bonus system, and many saving programs.

A very beneficial option is to buy a 3-month supply of insulin medication in accordance with your prescription. It is legal and allows you to save even more on your treatment as it will be a kind of wholesale order, meaning you will get a discount for every single unit in your order from the regular price mentioned on the website. If the delivery is paid, you benefit here again, as you will have to pay it just once in a quarter.

However, you should be very careful about the storage conditions of your insulin treatment in accordance with the requirements from the manufacturer to make sure it is safe to be used.

As you see, there is always a way out from any situation, even if it seems to be desperate. While the American customs does not ban importing drugs from Canada, why don’t you use an opportunity to save your budget?

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