The Top Applications for Aerial Platform Equipment

Aerial platform equipment, also sometimes known as cherry pickers, are some of the most versatile machines in the world. Able to lift people and tools to higher altitude work areas, these devices make it possible for many industries to complete complex jobs with ease. In fact, there are many additional uses for them that you might not even know about. These are some of the top applications for aerial platform equipment and how it could be of use in your own field.

Building Maintenance

When workers need to conduct maintenance on higher sections of commercial buildings, only aerial platform machines can get them in position. Whether it be fixing electrical wires or inspecting roofing materials, these platforms can carry up a team as well as anything they could ever need for the task. This way, not only do they save time in completing the job, but they also never need to worry about the safety of their descent afterwards.

Equipment Installation

Platform equipment also works well for installing fixtures or appliances, particularly in the construction and steel industries. With them at your disposal, getting lighting, electrical, and AC systems into place is much easier. As such, they can shave days off a projected timeline and ensure better quality results for your client.

Commercial Cleaning

Depending on the type of aerial work platform you’re using, they can assist with cleaning tasks as well. Window washing, statue shining, and roof cleaning are all jobs that require the aid of these tools. Otherwise, workers simply can’t reach the places they need to complete them thoroughly. Since they provide a sturdy place for your team to stand, they can access every corner and ensure everything is spotless.

Oil and Gas Mining

One of the most important applications for aerial platform equipment is in the oil and gas industry. These machines assist in the construction and safe operation of drilling rigs and any attached pipelines. As such, they’re integral to ensuring the mining process moves forward without a hitch. Make sure to note, however, that your aerial platforms must use high-quality rubber tracks in this application to maintain traction and maximum maneuverability and avoid hazards.

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