Benefits of Buying a Used vs. New School Bus

Typically, we tend to think newer is better. However, that isn’t the case for everything you buy. Several items have value, even if they aren’t brand spanking new, with a school bus being one of those items. These are the benefits of buying a used vs. new school bus.


Like buying a car, it’s tempting to opt for something new off the lot. Getting into a vehicle with zero miles on it makes you feel like you can take on the world. However, as soon as that odometer hits one mile, the value of your car drops over 10 percent. Over the year, it might fall as much as a quarter of the price at purchase.

You are better off buying a used bus at a fraction of the price, especially if you adhere to a budget. With the proper paperwork and history of the ride, you shouldn’t have any surprises that make you regret buying it secondhand. However, if the price is suspiciously low, you may want to dig further to find out why.

Easier To Acquire

A brand-new bus can take upwards of a year to get to you, particularly if you want to customize the look. That’s fine and dandy if you have the time to wait, but the odds are you’d like your bus sooner rather than later.

Instead of buying a new bus and dumping money into the customization, you can look for a refurbished school bus that fits the bill. You might even be able to get the vehicle within a week if everything checks out.

Greater Variety To Choose From

When looking for a used bus, the options are endless. New buses are more uniform, meaning they are what they are, and you can’t change much about them. Plus, it may be possible to get two bus styles for multiple purposes. For example, a small charter bus to get around town and a larger bus you may turn into a skoolie. It may be challenging to purchase multiple new buses unless you have a money tree nearby.

As you can see, the benefits of buying a used vs. new school bus favor the used variety. Going with a new bus may be flashier, but investing your money in a used bus makes more economic sense.

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