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6 Tips for Advertising on TikTok

TikTok is arguably one of the most visited social media platforms. Since its launch in 2016, it has remained a go-to platform for marketers and advertisers. When you want to make a video for advertising on TikTok, you could consider using editing tools with templates that are easy to customize.

The majority of TikTok users are young people. For this reason, brands have to compete hard to get the best attention by communicating in “youthful tones.” With a maximum video length of 60 seconds, every second of your video counts. You also have to be careful not to make boring or cliche video ads, or else your video won’t get any attention.

Now let’s put the platform into better context. TikTok holds the record as the most downloaded social media app with over 2.6 billion downloads. The platform is also continuously gaining more followers and driving engagement, making it one of the hottest social media platforms of all time. With over 200 million + daily active users, it’s a place where user content can easily trend or become viral.

 Why Advertise On TikTik?

TikTok has become the most popular social media app. It draws audiences from all over the world, which brands can leverage for advertising. Anyone targeting younger audiences of 16 to 34 should consider advertising on TikTok. But, TikTok isn’t just for young people. You may be surprised to know that a decent majority of older adults also fancy the app.

TikTok truly does present an amazing opportunity for advertisers to get in front of consumers with good demographics. Here are a few things to keep in mind when putting out ads on TikTok.


1. Don’t Make A Video Ad, Make TikToks

Simply throwing ads at viewers on TikTok may not guarantee results. You need to communicate and entertain them just like any usual TikTok video. Advertising smartly while branding to give you some awareness will go a long way in getting better results. More so, TikTok has a completely different logic to advertising. When making ads for the TikTok audience, you need to go beyond the traditional approach. Finding entertaining ways to reach your audience while advertising is the way to go. The entire focus is on the audience. Therefore, instead of what’s good for your product, think of what’s right for your TikTok audience.

2. Take Note Of Aspect Ratios

TikTok is a vertical view platform which means all videos appear in a 9:16 aspect ratio. To improve viewing experience and create ads that drive engagement, you’ll need to maintain these video specs. Nonetheless, you can upload square videos, but it just wouldn’t have great performance.

Although, there are different forms of TikTok Ads that give you the option to create super customized campaigns. This lets you advertise in the way you see fit while using the platform’s aspect ratio specifications. So when you decide to make a video for your business, be sure to follow the app’s best aspect ratio.

3. Consider Trending Content

In TikTok, trends are everything. You could go from 5 followers to 50 thousand for making sensational videos based on a trend. Trends on TikTok pop up and explode quickly. But fortunately, they are easy to identify and follow. Once you tap the “Discover” tab of the app, you can get up to speed with the latest trends. This way, you can see what other related brands are doing and get inspiration for your campaign.

When making TikTok videos, your main aim is to outrank others in your niche, and following trends are a great way to go about. Start by generating ad creatives that are engaging yet related to trends on the platform. This will help you earn a valuable spot on hashtags and feeds.

4. Use Trending kinds of music

Using the smart video soundtrack feature of the app, you can automatically pair trending music with your video. This makes your video not only entertaining but also discoverable to other users. TikTok users can browse videos according to trending music, so having one in your video will give you more visibility.

Using a smart video soundtrack on TikTok takes the guesswork out of adding music to your video. More so, you don’t have to worry about copyright. Just make a video, upload it to your ad, and mix in your preferred trending music.


 5. Optimize Your Video

Another awesome tip for improved TikTok ad performance is strategic optimization. Strategically placing and fine-tuning your ad to reach your desired target audience will get you the best results. Think about who you’re trying to reach before you make a video for TikTok ads. Furthermore, consider ways to deepen your presence and expand your customer base. If you’re trying to reach a new demographic group, do quality research before creating your ad video. This will allow you to optimize your video for the right age range, gender, location, and interests.

Younger audiences on TikTok have short attention spans. That means you have to optimize your video to grab attention right from start. Think about your message tone and make it appealing enough to reach broader audiences.

6. Sell By Means Of Entertainment

Making them stop scrolling to watch your video is the first challenge your ad has to overcome. You can achieve that by giving them something entertaining to watch. As aforementioned, younger audiences are the majority on TikTok, and they have a short attention span. Make a video that’s uniquely entertaining, and you’ll be sure of getting good engagement.

Overall, your first impression matters just like it does in every type of ad. Ensure the first two seconds of your video makes a bold statement and grab focus. Then don’t forget to end your entertaining video with a nice call to action.

Parting Words

Social media platforms like TikTok have made advertising simple and accessible to anyone. But you don’t have to overthink or overdo things. Taking a holistic approach and following the tips we’ve provided here will help your ads have great performance on TikTok.

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