Things To Consider When Choosing Sports Goggles

No matter the sport or activity, there is a level of risk for eye injury associated with participating. Contact sports like basketball, lacrosse, and hockey experience high levels of impact, in addition to non-contact sports like baseball and cycling. Eye protection remains a top priority for youth and professional athletes as vision clarity enhances their performance.

Let’s look at a few things to consider when choosing sports goggles and how they can secure safety and injury prevention.

Be Mindful of the Activity

Choosing frames that match your activity is critical in ensuring proper fit with headgear and impact levels. Each sport that asks athletes to wear eye protection will carry a specific set of requirements, so it’s essential to pay close attention to these guidelines.

An example would be hockey athletes wearing a helmet with an attached face shield or a racquetball player in a pair of adjustable prescription sports goggles.

Lens Options

The majority of protective eyewear comes with polycarbonate lenses. A key thing to consider when choosing sports goggles is their ability to withstand impact, and polycarbonate is the top option for protection. In addition to general protection from varying impact levels, polycarbonate lenses protect from harmful UV rays.

Customized Coverage

For people who wear glasses regularly, their optometrist can recommend the best frames for them based on their preference. This will allow for a more personalized fit in the goggles you need for your activity. Specifically, for young athletes, because they continue to grow as the days pass, the proper fit is critical to allow maximum security.

Steps To Take if There’s an Injury

Even with proper eye protection, injury may still occur. If you experience a visual disruption for longer than a few minutes, you must seek prompt medical assistance. Take your eyewear with you to have it inspected and discuss options for a new pair with your eye doctor.

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