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Inexpensive Ways to Modernise Your Living Room Space

Change is always good, and it can certainly refresh your home when you make a change to one of your feature rooms within the home, for example, your living area. The only issue is that redecorating can be a costly project. However, your redecorating does not always need to be on the expensive side, in fact, we are here to provide you with some tips on how to modernise your living room at a low cost.

Hide unnecessary clutter

Modern living rooms, in the majority of cases, appear to be open, moderately decorated, and free of cluttered areas. Therefore, it is vital to keep your belongings organised in this space to avoid a messy or jumbled atmosphere. Keep ornaments and other belongings stored away safely in sideboards, and wall units, and keep a limited number of belongings on show. An advantage to reducing clutter means that you have fewer belongings to dust down when it comes to cleaning your living space!

Interlinked fire alarm system

Safety should always be the main priority within your home, and it is vital to keep your family and yourself safe at all times. After recent events, it has been highlighted that we must take more responsibility for fire safety to reduce property damage, injuries, and fatalities. The Scottish government in particular has introduced a new law from February 2022 requiring all homes to have interlinked fire alarm systems, this means that you should have an alarm system within the main room of your home which is most likely to be the living room. Therefore, to modernise your living room, this alarm system is a must. Even if you do not reside in Scotland, to ensure maximum protection and security, the interlinked system would be wise to install. Click here to learn more.

Rearrange furniture

Next, we will highlight another free-of-charge method that will modernise your living room, rearranging furniture pieces. This will give your space a whole new look that does not require excess effort. Wall gripping furniture is a common mistake made by homeowners as they believe that pushing their furniture as close to the walls as possible will make the space appear larger. However, it does not always have that effect and can often just look too open and empty. Try rearranging furniture by bringing it closer to the centre of the room. Be sure to take measurements before making any sort of rearrangements as this may only leave you in a tangle of furniture.

Repaint the walls

Repainted walls can automatically give your space the refreshing it needs. Quite often, white walls and ceilings, in particular, can acquire staining and discolouring over time. Unappealing marks from black soot resorting from candle and wood smoke will also need to be covered up over time. Therefore, an easy paint job would brighten this up and could cost as low as £15-20 to obtain a paint tray, a brush, and most importantly, the paint. For a change, try to switch up the colour of the room, or even establish a feature wall by painting your accent wall a different colour from the surrounding walls. For added texture, splurge out and even invest in abstract modern wallpaper to achieve the modernised aesthetic.

Bring the outdoors indoors

Live plants can easily revitalise any space, so they are perfect if you want to project some energy into your room. Not only that, plants are considered as very modern accessories and can be incorporated in any room, even artificially to add additional decoration to the space. Some of the best large indoor plants include the kentia palm tree, the snake plant, and devils’ ivy, so be sure to have a look into these types of plants when investing in greenery. Smaller, table plants such as cacti, sansevierias, and jade plants are perfect alternatives if you would prefer a smaller dosage of green infused into the space.

DIY canvas

Looking to add a personal touch to your living space? A DIY canvas is a perfect solution. Not only is this a cheap yet effective way to produce a quality and unique art feature for your room, but it can also be relatively easy to complete and does not need to be as precise as you would imagine. Before completing the project, be sure to gain additional inspiration from online platforms to establish the colour and style you would like your canvas to portray. After buying the materials, get straight to work and design a bespoke and abstract piece that no one else will have within their home apart from you! A perfect idea for those who love the modernised style but do not always want to follow every trend.

Incorporate belongings from other rooms

If you are looking for some new accessories and decorative pieces to modernise your living room, but would rather avoid spending additional money, try to incorporate objects from other rooms that might suit the living space better click here for more. After all, you may have some prized contemporary belongings in your bedroom however, they are not always on full display as they are tucked away, and to your surprise, they may actually suit your living space better. Therefore, shop around the house first and always attempt to make use of the belongings you already have before investing in newer ones, especially if you are on a tight budget.

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