Eyebrow Makeup Tips Everyone Should Know

Everybody has their own idea of what makes the perfect eyebrow, but most people would agree that good eyebrows are vital to making a face look defined and pretty.

If you want your brows to look their best, makeup can come in handy! Using the right products and techniques, you can take your brows to the next level. To help you achieve the brows of your dreams, here aresome eyebrow makeup tips everyone should know.

Pick Your Shade

Pick a brow powder color that matches the color of your eyebrows exactly or, for a more natural look, one that’s slightly lighter. When in doubt, choose a shade that matches your hair color and avoid bold reds and yellows.

Define the Shape

Use an eyeliner brush or angled eyebrow brush to define the shape of your eyebrow. Start at the outer corner of the eyebrow and sweep back toward the tail in a smooth, unbroken line. Use small brush strokes to create lines that mimic the appearance of natural hair. If you want thinner eyebrows, use less pressure; for bolder brows, apply more pressure.

Fill It In

Use your eyeshadow brush to fill in the brows. You’ll want to use a thinner brush for fine lines and a thicker brush for bolder lines. Apply short, light strokes in the direction of the hair growth. Start at the tail and sweep up and slightly out toward the front of your head to create a natural texture. Repeat until you’re satisfied with the look of your brows.

Blend It Out

Use an eyebrow comb to blend your makeup. This creates definition between the individual hairs.

Set It in Place

Spray some hairspray onto a cotton swab or tissue and use it to carefully set your eyebrows in place. Do not brush the hairspray onto your eyebrows with a regular makeup brush. This will make the brows look messy and chalky.

Apply Brow Mascara

To complete your makeup routine, brush one coat of brow mascara onto your brows. Simply brush some mascara over the brow hairs to thicken them up.

Another Option: Permanent Makeup

Tired of having to do your makeup every morning? Why not save yourself the hassle and get permanent makeup? Permanent makeup comes in many forms: you can microblade your brows or get a henna brow tint. These treatments last months, sometimes even years, giving you beautiful-looking brows without the effort.

In conclusion, good eyebrows are extremely important to achieving the perfect look. Eyebrows define your face, enhance your features, and make you look more attractive. While some people may be naturally blessed with great eyebrows, most people will need a little help making their brows look fantastic. But by following these eyebrow makeup tips everyone should know, anyone can achieve great brows!

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