How the Bible Has Influenced Language Today

As English speakers and writers, we owe the Bible a great deal of credit for shaping our language over the last two millennia. It influences everything from our most classic English literary works to the more recent writings of playwrights, politicians, and poets. It even has an impact on the spoken word. This is how the Bible has influenced language today.

English Literature

Much of the early English literature came from the teaching and preaching of individuals like St. Jerome, William Tyndale, and King James I. Protestantism spread with the English language throughout the world after the Reformation and the release of the 1611 edition King James Bible, which shaped English literature. Figures like William Shakespeare, T.S. Elliot, Lincoln, and Gandhi all found influence from the Bible, as did many other historical giants.

Modern Prose

The Bible is one of the most widespread pieces of English literature ever written. It stands as a definitive part of the English language and a form of reference for many who study, write, and speak today. Additionally, the Bible brought phrases, verses, and philosophies from the Hebrew culture into an English form. From there, these ideas spread in the English language throughout the ages.

People now often read the Bible in English, even though it was originally in Greek and Hebrew. However, the Bible also exists in countless other languages in modern times. So the Bible’s influence on language extends beyond just English as well.

Spoken Word

Many scholars and highly educated priests rewrote and edited texts to create the King James Bible. When this became the official holy book of England, it became the root of teaching the English language for centuries thereafter. This meant that it changed the spoken word of people who used English. Top Christian Schools frequently reference the King James Bible, emphasizing its importance and imparting its values to their students.

If you were ever curious about how the Bible has influenced language today, then this article hopefully cleared a path for your understanding. There are many passages in the scriptures that writers and important figures throughout history reference, so it’s worth reading.

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