How To Choose the Best Trash Cans for Your Business

One thing many business owners fail at is putting enough thought into their garbage can choices. If you do your research and choose the best options, you can save your employees many headaches of fighting with the wrong bins in the future. Learn the factors that go into choosing the best trash cans for your business.


The first thing to consider when choosing a trash receptacle for your business is where you’ll place it. Try to offer trash cans in high-traffic areas around your workplace to reduce littering. The more trash cans you place, the more you’ll be able to cut down on unnecessary clutter, and your office will remain neater for it. Make sure to provide trash cans in the kitchen, bathrooms, break rooms, etc.


Another factor that will influence your trash can choice is receptacle size. For example, you may only need smaller, personal garbage cans near desks or in bathroom stalls. However, you’ll want to supply larger garbage cans for high-traffic areas like the kitchen, breakrooms, or other common areas around your workplace. Choosing the right size helps ensure your garbage cans won’t be overflowing every time you walk by.


Most trash can buyers don’t realize the influence that the can’s material can have on its longevity and design. You’ll need to decide if your business should use plastic or steel trash cans before making your purchase. Plastic trash cans may be most cost-effective in some cases, but metal ones may be more durable. There are many pros and cons to weigh when choosing between plastic or metal materials.


Finally, you should also take maintenance into account when choosing your business’s garbage cans. No matter which receptacle you choose, you’ll need to keep it clean and sanitized for optimal workplace cleanliness. Some garbage cans, like light plastic ones, may be easier to clean and sanitize than others, so keep this in mind as well.

Don’t just choose any garbage receptacle for your business. Remember these factors for how to choose the best trash cans for your business to help you make the right decision. Choosing garbage receptacles that fit your business helps reduce littering and keeps your business clean and presentable.

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