Tips for Wearing Cowboy Boots for Your Wedding

The fact is that heels, although attractive, are not the best option when you’re walking down the aisle and dancing the wedding night away. Wearing cowboy boots at your wedding can be a great option because you’ll feel comfortable and can still stand tall. Plus, it will make you look unique. Here are just a few simple tips for wearing cowboy boots for your wedding.

Know the Type of Cowboy Boots That Fit With Your Wedding Dress

The thought of rocking cowboy boots with a wedding gown might scare many brides. If it is done appropriately, however, it can come out as one unique bridal outfit. If you don’t want to look odd, you should choose brown cowboy boots with minimal embellishments.

For those who see brown as dull, opt for an all-white design. This will make you look classy, pristine, and elegant. You can also wear color accented boots such as brass-multicolor, red, or brass-aqua if you’d like to incorporate your wedding color motif into your cowboy boots.

It would be better, especially in your wedding photos, if you and your bridesmaids wear similar boots. To make you stand out from your bridesmaid, you can opt to have handmade boots with floral prints or hearty cutouts or wear a boot with a length that’s slightly taller than theirs.

Wear a Tea-Length Bridal Dress

Wear a tea-length bridal dress if you’d like to showcase your cowboy boots. Another option is a tea-length front gown that slowly increases from sideways to the back.

Have a Vintage Wedding Setting

You don’t want to feel out of place at your wedding. That’s why your dress and theme should rhyme. As a result, it would be best to hold your wedding on a ranch or barn.

You can hang LED lights and use wildflowers as decor. Also, ride on a horse as you make your way to the wedding venue. For landscape ideas, you can have granite pathways to create a natural rustic setting.


Wearing cowboy boots to your wedding is a unique way to express your personal style. But before you decide on your footwear, make sure it’ll fit the motif of your wedding. We hope the above tips for wearing cowboy boots for your wedding were educational.

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