Different Ways To Carry Your Crystals Every Day

Carrying a crystal every day comes with many benefits—for the most part, you feel connected to yourself as a wave of calm crashes around you. Since you found this list of different ways to carry your crystals every day, it’s time to take on the day.

In Your Pocket

For many, the closer they have their crystals, the stronger the connection they feel. Many just starting to carry crystals can benefit by placing them in their pockets. The pocket grants easy access to your crystals, especially when you want to take a few moments to slow down and reconnect with yourself throughout the day.

Also, depending on the crystal you have, it could help with your intentions for the day. For example, you could use agate to help fight negative thoughts throughout the day. Agate comes in many forms, including slices.

In a Small Pouch

Sometimes pockets turn into a hassle since they’re usually big enough to only fit two stones at a time. With a pouch, you can hold close to five at one time. Depending on what crystals you have, you can mix them. Mixing different kinds won’t disrupt your aura; it actually enhances it.

For instance, if you’re looking to devote time to more self-love or confidence, mix rose quartz with hematite or black tourmaline. These rocks together create a stronger pulse that beats around your center.

Wearing Crystals as Jewelry

Jewelry is a popular option when finding ways to wear your crystals every day. Similar to the pocket method, crystal jewelry helps you remain grounded and focused throughout the day, whether it’s at work or school. Remember, the closer the crystal is to you, the stronger the connection.

There are many ways to wear gems as jewelry—for starters, necklaces and anklets are popular choices, especially for the younger crowds. While picking the best jewelry set for you, choose a crystal that represents your situation best.

For instance, the gem jade helps those in financial trouble. The jewel helps calm your mind so you can find the right solutions to fixing your financial problems. The best way to wear jade is a bracelet or a long necklace.

Carrying Crystals to Bed

Having a crystal at your bedside could help you sleep better. When you’re looking to feel more relaxed, try placing an amethyst underneath your mattress or pillow. Depending on placement, the crystal works its powers to help calm the mind.

Amethyst is a powerhouse of balance—it promotes calm and peace, which is perfect for clearing your mind of busy thoughts. Each day, you’ll awaken feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new day with your unique energy if you keep amethyst nearby.

All in all, crystals have been a widespread use by many to help them overcome obstacles and renew their life. Whether you wear it as jewelry or inside of your clothing, having a crystal with you all the time can help you realign your center.

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