Tips That Every Tow Truck Driver Should Know

Being a tow truck driver is a demanding job that’s not for the faint of heart. As a tow truck driver, you need to know precisely what you’re doing. These are the top tips that every tow truck driver should know. Learn how to be safe and do your job correctly.

Have the Right Tools on Hand

Having the right tools with you is crucial for being a tow truck driver. Make sure you have essential tools every repo man needs. Examples include an electric winch, winch cables, and tire skates. Stock your toolbox with everything you might desire.

Inspect Your Equipment

Before you get out in the field for a tow, you’ll want to check that everything is in working order. Check your engine, fluids, and brakes before going out on the road. You’ll also want to inspect your tires and ensure your cables and winches are all in good condition. Your equipment should be safe and ready before you start to tow a vehicle as well.

Wear High-Visibility Gear

Part of your safety comes from wearing high-visibility gear on the roadway. Finish your outfit off with a neon vest to ensure you’re visible to any drivers that might encounter you. High-visibility equipment will help you to avoid hazards and accidents on the road.

Make Yourself Seen

Wearing high-visibility gear isn’t the only way to ensure visibility on the road. Invest in traffic cones and flashing lights to make sure you’ll be visible. Block off all obstacles, and you’ll be safe when you tow.

Don’t Exceed the GVWR

GVWR stands for gross vehicle weight rating and can range from various weights depending on your equipment. GVWR isn’t just a helpful suggestion; it’s a serious requirement. Never exceed your tow truck’s GVWR, and you’ll keep yourself in the clear.

Drive Carefully

Tow trucks can carry heavy loads, and you must drive as safely as possible. Obey the posted speed limits and keep a healthy following distance between yourself and other cars to guarantee your safety. Carefully driving is one of the essential tips that every tow truck driver should know. Minimize risks and stay safe on the road.

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