How To Know if Your Sewer Pipe Is Leaking

You might wonder why it’s a cause for concern if your sewer pipe has damage. Of course, a leaking pipe isn’t ordinary, but what effects can it have on your household and the surrounding areas? If a leaking pipe goes unfixed for too long, your home could develop foundational problems like cracks, instability, and even a sinkhole. If you think your sewer line might not be functioning as it should, you should learn some of the following signs. Here’s how to know if your sewer pipe is leaking.


When you notice that pests are making your home theirs, this is an indication that your sewer line might be leaking. Keep in mind that this is especially important to fix, as rodents and insects alike can cause health problems.

Rodents, namely rats, naturally live in sewer systems and tend to stay there. However, if there’s a crack in your pipe, they can easily slip through these openings, making their way to your humble abode. Other creepy crawlers you might notice staying rent free in your home are cockroaches and flies—they can easily fit through cracks as slim as a dime.


A foul smell is the most obvious sign of a broken sewer line; this is how to know if your sewer pipe is leaking. You likely don’t need this smell described since it’s the smell of sewage. You might notice this odor, particularly when you flush the toilet. Nonetheless, getting a whiff of anything foul shouldn’t happen and is a sign something is wrong with your sewage line.


When a sewer pipe cracks, large quantities of waste can rush out and flood your lawn. This causes the soil to shift and become impacted. Impacted soil, otherwise known as contaminated soil, has high concentrations of hazardous materials. If your soil has become affected due to a crack in your pipe, you will see noticeable caving in your lawn. In response, you should contact sewer line repair services as soon as possible.

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