The Best Ways To Avoid Becoming a Hoarder

Shopping is a good way to achieve momentary happiness. But when you have collected too many items and have nowhere else to store them, spaces seem to shrink and your home loses any semblance of organization. These best ways to avoid becoming a hoarder are here to save you.

Realize That Not Everything Has a Use

Holding onto stuff you don’t use in the hopes that it will become useful in the future can lead to hoarding. If you haven’t used an object in over a year, it’s time to get rid of it. Even if something seems important, it might not be if you don’t actually use it. Stockpiling stuff will only add to the anxiety of trying to organize everything.

Don’t Add Unnecessary Sentimental Value

Adding unnecessary value to inanimate objects could make it harder for you to dispose of useless stuff. Sometimes this perceived value comes from wanting something a lot and finally obtaining it—but realizing it wasn’t what you were expecting. That feeling of finally obtaining something you thought was necessary but wasn’t could become a bad habit.

Practice Good Organization

Organization is one of the key factors in a successful relationship with things. When your home gets a little overwhelming and you don’t know where to start, there are professionals who will help you organize your home and teach you when and how often you should do it. Sometimes outside help is necessary, and that’s fine.

Focus on Specific Areas

Narrowing down specific areas helps you stay focused. If you decide to go with your bedroom first, start with the visible things that will make a noticeable change right away when they’re gone. Feelings of freedom and control will arise when you keep the ball rolling.

Focus on One Item at a Time

One of the best ways to avoid becoming a hoarder is by taking it one item at a time. Getting rid of many things at once could be overwhelming; taking things slowly will allow the decluttering process to become more natural. Rewiring your brain might take a few days, but the process will be easier afterward.

Start by prioritizing things you haven’t used in more than a year, and move from small to large. Smaller items are a little easier to avoid, and you may trick yourself by changing their locations; try pushing yourself into getting rid of smaller stuff. This will help you when the time comes for larger items.

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