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Where To Get the Prices of Ben Sherman in Australia

When Ben Sherman started making dresses, the primary goal was to create a distinctive brand that fuses history with modernity. It soon became a unique brand with a distinguished product offering, becoming one of the leading clothing brands in England.

Essentially, the degree of craftsmanship embedded in its designs and fabrics makes Ben Sherman alluring to people, mostly men. Ben Sherman grew an appeal for its multi-dimensionality, especially because it fits into every style.

A random Ben Sherman cloth casually costs $33, but you can get it lower than this in some stores in Australia. So if you want to get the best prices on Ben Sherman in Australia, look no further. We’ve highlighted the best places to get the best prices of Ben Sherman in Australia.

Let’s dive right into the details!

Top 5 Places to Get the Best Prices of Ben Sherman in Australia.

1. Ben Sherman

There’s probably no better place to get Ben Sherman in Australia than the brand’s physical location.

Suits start from as low as $199.00. Also, there are jackets and polo T-shirts as low as $24. Ben Sherman store is physically present in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth airport, and Western Australia.


OZSALE was launched in Australia in 2006 and has ever since provided Australians unparalleled access to top fashion brands, one of which is Ben Sherman. OZSALE doesn’t only offer access to these top brands but also offers them at great and unbelievable prices!

You can shop original Ben Sherman products at OZSALE for as low as $13. In addition, you can check out other customer reviews on Trustpilot to know why OZSALE is the right place for you to get Ben Sherman in Australia at the best prices!

3. Myer

One of Australia’s prominent stores, Myer houses a broad range of stores in addition to satisfactory customer relations and relatively low prices. In Myer, you can get relatively low prices of Ben Sherman, starting from as low as $35, depending on the type you want.

You can get a Ben Sherman from a Myer store in Adelaide, Albury, Castle Hill, Charlestown, Sydney, and Townsville, to name a few.

4. David Jones.

David Jones is a trusted store in Australia with a range of products stretching from cosmetics to fashion. The company is headquartered in Victoria, with an estimated operating income of $170 million annually. Thankfully, David Jones lists Ben Sherman of every kind.

The lowest prices of Ben Sherman at David Jones start from $59. David Jones stores are physically present in Sydney, Melbourne, Chadstone, Canberra, and Doncaster.

5. The Iconic

Similarly, you can get a Ben Sherman at the Iconic, a Sydney-based store in Australia. The Iconic has over 1500 brands and 165,000 items in its product catalog. They enjoy a range of fashion products, including Ben Sherman.

In the Iconic, you can get a Ben Sherman dress for as low as $55. In addition, this store has a wide variety of Ben Sherman dresses of the best quality. You can find Iconic stores in their headquarters, in Sydney, in Bankstown, etc.

6. Subtype.

The subtype is a rapidly growing retail store in Australia with a diverse range of products, including the elegant Ben Sherman products. You can get a range of Ben Sherman’s products for as low as $15. The subtype is physically present in Melbourne, Sydney, and Auckland.


There’s no doubt that Ben Sherman is a fascinating brand that perfectly suits men. All over the world, this brand is adored by many, and the case is not an exception in Australia. Ben Sherman has a variety of products that fit into any male’s clothing.

You can get a Ben Sherman dress in many stores here in Australia. However, if you desire the best qualities and relative cheapness, the stores mentioned above come in handy for you.

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