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Muay Thai Gloves: How To Choose The Right Pair For You Online?

Gloves, in general, are one of the most commonly used sports equipment. May it be for boxing, cycling, golf, skiing, and even martial arts, more specifically, Muay Thai, also referred to as Thai Boxing. How will you choose the best for you among all the other types of gloves?

Are you planning to get one but don’t know which ones to consider, especially now that you can almost purchase anything with a single click? Then continue reading here to learn the three important factors that will help you find the best and rightful pair of muay thai gloves online.

What does it look like?

Boxing and Muay Thai gloves may look similar for a short refresher, but they are different. For example, Muay Thai has a more rounder shape with equally distributed foam pads around it to secure the athletes more. While boxing gloves have pads mainly on the knuckle area.

Designs of gloves are made for different purposes. Like gloves for combat, of course, made for combat use. The same applies even to normal house gloves used for cleaning or gardening; they are made for a specific purpose.

Do not forget to check the description of the padding. As stated before, the paddings should be equally distributed and not focus on the knuckles area. It is important to check this as sometimes the physical form itself can be confusing to look at.

Lastly, Determine if the weight of the gloves is perfect for your hand and make sure that it is:

  • Breathable
  • Lightweight-feeling
  • The wrist is supported comfortably

Does the size matter?

Choosing the right size for you is not your typical mall sizings with small to large choices. It is determined by the athlete’s weight and what he would use it for (type of training). Here’s a simple guide for you.

12-14 oz.

Often used for pad works and not something you would use for sparring. It is recommended to be used by people who weigh below 63 kilograms.

16 oz.

The most common size used for sparring. It is considered a standard choice for almost everyone.

18 oz.

Usually for serious heavy-weight fighters. This size adds extra weight for quicker punches and more protection during a sparring match.

Is your choice worth the price?

Budgets aside, you should go for what fits you the best without spending unnecessarily too much. Here’s a quick guide on what should be overlooked in terms of price.

Brand And Website Authenticity

There are a lot of well-known brands out there, but that doesn’t always guarantee you the quality assurance you are looking for since online shopping has its advantages and disadvantages.

List down products that might interest you and check if they deliver what they advertise. There are a lot of scam websites and even shops that lie about their products. It’s best to take extra precautions and never settle for a product without research because some are also good at replicating.

Materials and Maintenance

What they use to make the gloves are important too. Who knows if you are allergic to the materials that they have used?

Materials and maintenance go hand-in-hand as you can know how to properly store your gloves if you are familiar with the materials used. Maintenance is one thing that you should consider when buying your pair of gloves. It might be the best brand, but if you don’t know how to take care of it, you will just be buying a new one every time it gets damaged.


When looking for a new pair of Muay Thai gloves, it is best to go for well-designed and technically structured gloves. They will help you avoid injuries during practice because of the level of comfort provided. As for other features, whether the glove is worth its price will depend on your preference. Take the time to choose the best pair, and remember the guidelines we had prepped for you.

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