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6 Amazing Reasons You Should Visit Thailand This Year

So you’re thinking of visiting Thailand? Here are 6 reasons why saying yes to any and every offer to go to Thailand is the right thing to do. These reasons are suggested and written by both locals and tourists

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#1 Culture

The number one reason why you should visit Thailand is the culture. It's a culture filled with the warmest, welcoming, and playful people. Everyone is so incredibly helpful and fun to be around. No one is too serious in Thailand and that is incredibly relieving in this high paced world. The people of Thailand make you feel at home like you're family and that is worth the trip alone.

Contributors: Kyle Maltz from Dollar Flight Club

#2 Rooftop Bar and Restaurant

The rooftop restaurant provides stunning views across Bangkok.  You can see panoramic views of the Thai capital and mingle with business colleagues and expats.  It is an inspiring venue to impress your colleagues and think up creative business ideas. You would find out some of the best rooftop bars in Bangkok.

Contributors: Michael Stanat from SIS International Research

#4 Respect for Buddha and their beliefs

Arguably among the biggest reasons Thailand has managed to keep some of its cultural identity separate from the incredible influx of tourism in recent decades, is owed to easy going nature of people and the respect for Buddha held both personally and through public policy. No object or purchase may be transported from the country which resembles Buddha - so no buying statues, carvings, paintings, or other trinkets and souvenirs with his image.

Contributors: Shylar Bredewold from Odyssean Travel

#6 Live Music and Cover Bands

Cover bands are everywhere in Thailand and they're typically of a good standard. Playing many traditionally Western hits, expect to be thoroughly entertained when enjoying a meal or a few drinks near popular destinations. You're almost guaranteed to hear a fantastic rendition of Zombie by the Cranberries if you spend more than a few nights in the city!

Contributors: Shylar Bredewold from Odyssean Travel

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Written by Ben Skute

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