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10 Adorable Gift Ideas For Kid Animal Lovers

Have your kid and pet purring with happiness with these gifts.

What is more adorable than a puppy? Not many things, but a little kid that loves his puppy clearly has got to be as much, if not more, adorable than that. Truth being told any kind of love expressed for animals is just great, but from kids specially since it comes form such pure place.

For the kids that love animals, we’ve made a list of gifts that they both can enjoy together (Spoiler: One of them is getting the kids another mascot to add on to the family ?)

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#1 Rainbow Butterfly Kite For Beach And Outdoor Fun

aGreatLife offers adorable, brightly colored kite themes for boys and girls, including a sweet ice cream cone with a cherry on top, a cheery hot dog, a darling rainbow butterfly, a cool pirate, and more! 

These aren’t your flimsy, cheap kites. Each kite is made with sturdy, durable nylon fabric and guarantees hours of mesmerizing fun! 

Contributor: Tabitha Ziegmann from Orca Communications

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#2 Steripod Kids Clip-On Toothbrush Protector

Kids love picking their favorite animal on the packaging, the fun pod colors with sparkly glitter inside and last but not least, clipping their pod on and off their toothbrush! 

Contributor: Dr. Danielle Gilbert-Fowler from Steripod Toothbrush Protectors

#3 Chloe Noel Husky Animal Soaker Soft Blade Cover

Is your little one an animal lover who also happens to ice skate? Blend his/her two loves with these adorable husky animal blade covers sold by Pink Princess. Not only are they cute but you can rest assured they’re functional, too – extra stuffing to help protect blades, lined with cotton to help prevent rust, and you’ll be able to pluck out your animal lover’s skates from the rest of the crowd - just like that!

Contributor: Pink Princess from Pink Princess

#4 Travel With Me Aliel Zoonicorn Plush

The four soft Zoonicorns interact with children as they play with them. Kids can kiss the magical Zoonicorn horn and make a wish when it glows, then blow a kiss on the Zoonicorn’s horn to turn it off. Kids can play with the Wish Me Zoonicorn along with a series of animated musical videos that take pre-school-aged children on adventures that teach important social-emotional development lessons. 

Contributor: Meghan Dougherty from Zoonicorn 

#5 Trouble the Dog Plush

Trouble The Dog - is often given as a gift to kids who for one reason or another can't have a pet. Trouble is sort of a 24/7 comfort Dog for them. Trouble is a favorite go to gift for grandparents and he's 100% Handcrafted in America with love. 

Contributor: Sheila Duncan from Larkin Ltd.

#6 Books To Bed Pink Duck & Goose Pajama Set

From ducks and geese to cats and friends - and all the way to dragons, these pajama and book sets are a fun gift for the animal lover! Featured here is the “Books to Bed Pink Duck & Goose Pajama Set” sold by Pink Princess. Complete with a pajama set (top and bottom) and a hardcover book, your animal lover (ages 4+) can snuggle up in style, while reading (and matching!) their new favorite book. 

Contributor: Pink Princess from Pink Princess

#7 Slater Mountain: The Legend by Judy Ricketts-White

Bailey Mathews and her friend Noah Collins go on a trail ride and through dangerous circumstances, they stumble into a beautiful and forgotten canyon and find themselves trapped. They must survive and find a way home. A thread of life lessons, family values and pure enjoyment follow these amazing young heroes as they seek to protect this spiritually inspiring and ancient place. For ages 8 or 9 and up. 

Contributor: Judy Ricketts-White from Mecate Press

#8 Kleynimals Clean Key Animals Arctic Friends Stainless Steel

The original key ring features sweet friends Eli the Elephant, Gus theGiraffe and Leo the Lion, perfect for tiny tots that love animals! Kleynimals stimulate a baby’s sense of sight, touch and sound, as well as both their fine and gross motor skills. 

The keys can also be engraved, truly, a perfect “practical” keepsake gift! 100% food grade stainless steel, free of Lead, Cadmium, BPA & Phthalates, dishwasher safe & made in the USA! 

Contributor: Katie Rose Cronin from ChicExecs PR

#9 Soggy Doggy Board Game for Kids

This board game is perfect for the whole family. Each player takes a turn showering the dog. If he decides to shake off the water on your turn, back to the starting point you go. The first player to get around the whole board wins. The animal-lover in your life will love this game!

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

#10 Unicorn Faux-Fur Rocker

This rocker is perfect for your little one that’s fascinated by animals. Even though unicorns are mythical treatments, they can still be fun. This rocker comes with a seatbelt for those early months. When you press the ears, the unicorn makes galloping noises and magical sounds.

Contributor: Caleb Backe from Maple Holistics

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Written by Ben Skute