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8 No-Fail Gift Ideas Your Redneck Boyfriend Will Actually Love (2019)

Searching for inspiration on a germane gift idea for your country boyfriend? Look no further than our southern-approved list of the best redneck boyfriend gift ideas currently available.

We wouldn’t want to be stereotypical, but if your boyf was raised in the Bible Belt, chances are high that he has certain tastes and inclinations. And what better gift could you possibly get him than one that gears towards his interests and which he’d actually put to use.

So you don’t know much about rifles, hunting, or trucks; nor are you a big fan of country music, NASCAR, or Billy Engvall. Doesn’t mean you are completely handicapped in picking the perfect gift for him. Simply check out our list of the best hillbilly-certified gift suggestions your redneck boyfriend would be elated to receive.

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#1 Livestock Is Vegan from Old Guy Kitchen

Product is butcher diagram t-shirt/hoodie with Livestock is Vegan so you don't have to be slogan.

Contributor: Matt Allen from Old Guy in the Kitchen

#2 Heated Pillow Massage for Back and Neck

After a long day of working on the car in the driveway, there is no better way to treat your boyfriend, then getting him a heavy duty, electric massage pillow. MassageRite Electric Shiatsu Massage Pillow. So many of us work long hours and don't have the time or the budget to get massages every week. The MassageRite, electric pillow massager is a high-quality unit that works out the knots and kinks to loosen fascia and ease sore muscles. Few gifts will be used as often as this one.

Contributor: Jonathan Sheinkop from Ergo Impact

#3 LooLoo Bathroom Toilet Freshener

LooLoo is the only tech-savvy way available on the market today that solves one of the oldest problems, and certainly one of the smelliest ones.

LooLoo eliminates toilet odor by using infrared tech that senses a user is sitting down. LooLoo triggers a thin film spray of proprietary essential oils on the water that traps in the smell. LooLoo has LED lights that softly illuminate the toilet bowl in a choice colors. 

Contributor: Bryce Johnson from LooLoo 

#4 Dodge Hellcat Widebody

Xtreme Xperience is the go-to gift for anyone wanting to change up there gifting any holiday. We make the world’s most exclusive supercars accessible to everyone for a couple hundred bucks, rather than a couple hundred THOUSAND. And we are now offering a Dodge Hellcat Widebody, which makes for the best gift for that Redneck in your life! People can join us at 30+ racetracks across the country! 

Contributor: Alyssa Butler from Xtreme Xperience

#5 Stardust on Vinyl

Willie Nelson is a legendary country singer but if country isn't your thing you can check out this album which is him singing a collection of pop, jazz, and country standards. It's all around great music and many songs are quite tender and create a great romantic moment. It's a gift both you and him can share and enjoy together. 

Contributor: Kieren Weisert from Inside Track PR

#7 Bullet Head Cufflinks

Bullet cufflinks are a great gift for your redneck boyfriend because they add the perfect touch of class without sacrificing any authenticity. They are made from real recycled ammo sourced from local police and law enforcement, so your boyfriend will wear them proudly. 

Contributor: Sam Maizlech from Gunivore

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Written by Ben Skute