Being A Black Sheep

Hi I’m Amanda and I’m a Black Sheep.

It’s not what you think. Honestly. I’m not an outcast. And I’m definitely not a disgrace.

I just live my life a little differently to most.

Maybe you can too.

Here’s a question. Why do most people spend their lives doing what everyone else is doing? Simple.

They were never taught to question it.  Think about it – we go to the same schools, grow up watching the same TV shows, listening to the same radio stations and reading the same books.

Don’t get me wrong – our society is a great framework to grow up in.

But unless we actively seek it out, we often aren’t shown anything other than what is considered “the norm.”

Here’s the clincher. Do you think if you knew there was another way, a better way, a way that was more in line with your dreams, goals and beliefs – that you would STILL follow in everyone else footsteps?

I’m not here to make anyone change their mind or do anything drastic. I just want to open the door…

There’s only one person who can change your life. To live a life on your own terms. You’ll find them looking back at you in any mirror. That’s right – it’s you. Not your partner. Not your best mate. Not your Mum. Not even me. Only you can make that decision.

Part of making this decision is deciding to be who you really are – stepping into your true self. It’s not always an easy thing to do – but it’s a must if you want to live your very best life.

A good place to start it to ask yourself what the main thought that takes up the most real estate in your mind. Is it positive or negative? Empowering or restrictive? A common one amongst people today is “I am not enough.”

We can completely turn that around just by changing the language in our own minds. “I AM enough. I am AMAZING.”

If we repeat this enough times, like any form of repetition, learning a new skill – it will stick! This alone will have incredible positive changes for you. Knowing this, being in a positive mindset, you can start to ask yourself the tough questions about whether the life you are living is really the one you want.

It’s also important to not worry about what anyone else’s opinion of you will be. You are the only person you need to answer to. There are no second chances, drills or re-do’s in this life. You need to seize every opportunity.

How? Start by making a bucket list. And do everything you can to tick each thing off. Without mine, I would never have achieved even half of what I have. Start small if you have to, but just start. It might be something as simple as reading a book a week or visiting a place you’ve only ever dreamed of.

Be a Black Sheep. The sooner you start, the sooner you start living.


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