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Spring Cleaning Tips: Your Guide to a Fresh Home

While springtime might be over, the middle of the year is still the perfect opportunity to do a big clean-up in your home, tackle big chores and get to the stuff that only needs to be done once or twice a year.

Spring cleaning is a great opportunity to overhaul your home and achieve that fresh and new feeling we all love. However, spring cleaning can also be pretty daunting. It might feel like there’s so much to do and not enough time to get it all done, or you might not even know where to start. Keep reading for a guide on how to handle your 2022 spring cleaning.

Clean a Room a Day

One of the best ways to tackle a huge problem is to take it step by step. You can allocate one day (or even one week) to thoroughly cleaning just one room in your house. This tactic will make everything more manageable.

For example, you could start in the living room and complete all the tasks for that room in one day. During this time, you might even want to look into professional furniture cleaning to ensure your materials are cleaned properly.

Or Batch Your Tasks

Another method of spring cleaning is to batch the tasks by their type. This is a good way to make things easier for yourself since you’ll be using the same cleaning equipment and materials in one go.

For example, you could pick one day to do all the floor cleaning in your home. You might even hire a carpet cleaner for a day and dedicate yourself to this one task. Another day could be dedicated to decluttering clothing, and another day to moving all the furniture to sweep and dust behind their spots.

Create a Checklist

To prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed or forgetting to make time for certain chores, it’s always a good idea to simply make a list. Start by writing down every task (no matter how big or small) on a piece of paper. Once it’s all out of your brain and on paper, you can start scheduling the tasks or allocating them to certain days.

You can even find spring cleaning checklists online to help guide you or give your inspiration for what tasks might need to be done in your home.

Declutter As You Go

A good tip for making your life easier in the future is to declutter while you’re spring cleaning. When decluttering, you need to be a little tough on yourself – don’t let yourself hang onto items you know you don’t use or need.

When something comes up that you consider removing from your life, simply ask whether you’ve needed it in the last 6 months – if not, it’s got to go!

Create a Cleaning Routine

Another way to help yourself is to prevent the build-up of mess by creating a cleaning routine for yourself to follow each week. A home that isn’t tidied up regularly will become unbearably messy and require a lot more effort to clean.

There are even health risks associated with an unclean environment, so it’s worth your while to make sure you’re cleaning regularly.

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