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7 Items Every Artist Should Have

Art can be the perfect pastime for someone with the talent to properly enjoy it. Millions and millions of people invest huge chunks of their time into all genres of art. Finding your particular style and then understanding all the items that are vital to that particular field can be a headache for some, even perhaps putting you off the idea entirely.

Below are some of the most ‘must have’ items as selected by leading experts for those hoping to explore the wonderful world of art.

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#1 Imagination!

Every artist - whether a painter, sculptor, fiber artist, ceramist, whatever - needs IMAGINATION.

As a sculptor who has more than 500 videos on YouTube, I find a lot of people have the technical skill, but they don't know what to make with it.

The ability for someone to run through the grassy fields of their mind and come up with something unusual, something with impact is what sets them apart.

Contributor: Kevin Caron from

#2 Watercolours (PAN)

You can purchase a small selection of “pan’ watercolors for under $20.00. Start with the pan watercolors first before you decide to invest some big dollars on the tube watercolors which can be triple the price of the “pan” colors. If you decide you like painting with watercolors using the “pan” colors, you can always upgrade later to the tubes. You can use the actual watercolor set to mix your colors, so you don’t need a separate mixing palette, which is a good thing!

Contributor: Allison Constantino from

#5 Photoshop

Every fine artist ie painter, sculptor, blown glass, fiber, etc needs to own or have a paid subscription for (and learn how to use) Adobe Photoshop and if possible also InDesign. Then they can sell prints of their original art, make postcards, t-shirts, a book, etc. If there is any way to capitalize on their original art, it should be by producing additional products, repurposing the original design, creating their brand, publishing a book of their work, etc. You don't have to be a graphic designer to need Photoshop.

Contributor: Sandra Lauer

#7 Brushes

Invest in a few “good’ watercolor brushes. There are some amazing watercolor brushes for under $10.00. Always go for fewer brushes investing in a “better” or “professional” grade brush. Just start out with a few, maybe even a “starter” acrylic kit for around $25.00 until you decide you might like some “specialty” brushes like a “script liner” brush for detail work, or a “fan” brush for foliage if you decide to paint landscapes.

Contributor: Allison Constantino from 

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Written by James Metcalfe

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