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Entertainment Blogging: 6 Great Steps For Getting Started

Entertainment blogging can be the perfect bridge between passion and future career for so many budding writers out in the market, though the harshly competitive nature of the industry can leave one feeling like it has been saturated to the max. However, these six steps are all designed and recommended by leading experts for helping you and your blossoming blog stand out from anything else in the crowd.

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#1 Start Who/What You Know

Look at your current pool of friends and connections. Does someone you know work in the entertainment world? Is there a friend studying to be an actor? Do you know anyone in arts marketing? Is there a local well-known photographer? Interview them or ask to write a feature on them and go from there.

Contributor: Jamie Body from

#2 What’s Trending?

Entertainment news is constant so find what is trending and write about that, you can piggyback off of popular topics and tap into fan bases.

If you are stuck for ideas entertainment articles can be a simple as 'Top 5 movies to watch on Netflix' or 'Where are these famous actors now'. People want to be entertained as well so think outside of the box.

Contributor: Jamie Body from


#3 Audience Engagement

Figure out who is your ideal reader. Male or female? How old is your reader? What does he/she like to read? Write your posts like you are talking to your ideal reader.

Respond to comments and engage with your community. Offer suggestions and ideas that can help your reader. Being helpful will help you build trust.

Contributor: Desi Buenrostro from

#4 Consistency

Create an editorial calendar. Having an editorial calendar helps you stay on track.Be consistent and show up. Decide how often you're going to post and what day of the week. Stick to it. Your reader needs to know what to expect and when.

Contributor: Desi Buenrostro from

#5 Built In Communities

When choosing a niche for your community, try to choose one that has a built in community. This will give you an idea of what content people will like to see and how you can start building your first audience. I like to first go to Twitter and look at various hashtags in the niches I like. If it's Marvel, I'll look at the Marvel hashtag. For fan works, I like to look at Commaful fanfiction. I'll go to a specific fan tag, for example, the Marvel one  to see what type of fan works people are making.

Contributor: Joanna Smith

#6 Find Your Niche

You don't want to make the same posts as everybody else because nobody will care. From exploring, you'll find where the spaces are where people are searching for content but there isn't much yet. Once you make that type of content, you'll very quickly notice that you'll get shared across the community and featured in industry related articles, getting you of the ground for your blog.

Contributor: Joanna Smith

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Written by James Metcalfe

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