8 Great Gifts For The Garden

We all someone who is absolutely mad for the joys a good amount of gardening can bring. With the wintery days quickly being put behind us, it won’t be too long before we’re able to get out in the garden and give it the TLC it’s badly been missing out on over the season.

Take your gardening to the next level with some of these must have gift suggestions.

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#1 Custom Flower Pots

Custom-made flower pots could be such a gorgeous present for your keen gardeners, too. Find several pots of various sizes and decorate them so that they match the same style. Taking the time to add an extra touch to those pots will make your present more precious than you think!

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#2 Easyshed Storm Shed

The ultimate gift for a gardener is *drumroll* a shed. But not just any old shed, but the crème de la crème of garden sheds. Meet the Storm Shed, tested and proved to withstand maximum winds of 316 km per hour. Flat-packed for ultimate convenience with a 5-step assembly process, the lifetime warranty alone makes the Store Shed a gardener's dream (especially if they customise it with a fibreglass skylight).

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#3 Wild Pixy

Because everyone needs a little magic! Wild Pixy's beautiful new handcrafted and painted creation is a 'Solar LED Glow in the Dark 13 Piece Fairy Garden Set' that comes complete with a beautiful designer Gift Box.

Spanning the generations Wild Pixy is loved by young and old and is even a tool to connect the two. Why? Because they have created interactive garden accessories AND a magical experience! In a fast-paced world, they have provided an experience away from screens and technology and instead allow people to experience connection! Connection with nature, themselves, family, and the magic of childhood - no matter your age!

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#4 BackEZ Back-Saving Tool

BackEZ's Back Saving add on handle fits on any stick tool takes the strain out of a variety of tasks, from shoveling snow, raking leaves, turning over a bed, sawing a branch. Perfect for spades, rakes-hoes-pitchforks Enables the user to take a firm grip without having to make excessive stretching movements.

BackEZ add on handle promotes a more relaxed posture and provides greater leverage, so it helps to prevent aching backs, pain in the shoulders, arms and wrists, and other problems such as blisters.

Contributor: Jay Cotler from Upside Marketing Inc. 

#5 Cocktail Garden Kit

This is the perfect gift for the gardener in your life. While it’s great to plant a herb garden, or some vegetables for a salad, why do that when you can plant a cocktail? Seeds include Cucamelon, Blue Borage, Mint, and Lime basil, so you’re ready to make a range of the freshest cocktails once they’re all grown!

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#6 Lawn Serv Service

Every year homeowners spend time guessing what their lawn needs to grow beautifully, and money on huge bags of fertilizer and seed in the DIY stores, only to end up with a lame lawn and a garage full of fertilizer. Or they throw money at the problem and use an expensive yard service company.

Send Lawn Serv a sample of your dirt, they will test it and, from $29 a month, send you exactly what your lawn needs to your door — saving time and money, and delivering a beautiful lush green lawn.

Contributor: Lawn Serv

#7 Custom Gardening Gloves

One of the obligatory accessories every gardener should have is a pair of gloves. Apart from looking for good quality ones, you can make them more special by giving your enthusiastic gardeners personalised gloves that they can use while working in the garden. It’s an extra touch that will definitely make a difference!

Contributor: Gena Lorainne from

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Written by James Metcalfe

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