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Anote’s Ark: The Island Nation Of Kiribati Soon To Disappear

The first nation projected to entirely disappear beneath the waves is the subject of a new documentary film featured at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. The film features the efforts of a former president of Kiribati to save his nation.

Canadian photographer Matthieu Rytz hopes his debute film “Anote’s Ark” (see below) will put the island nation of Kiribati in the spotlight in the same way that Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” made a giant splash last year at Sundance.

Anote’s Ark – Official Trailer – Sundance 2018

WORLD PREMIERE AT THE 2018 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL What if your country was swallowed by the sea? The Pacific Island nation of Kiribati (population: 100,000) is one of the most remote places on the planet, seemingly far-removed from the pressures of modern life.

Since 2007, several tiny unpopulated Micronesian islands (Laiap, Nahtik and Ros island chains) have disappeared into the ocean, seemingly without notice. Unbelievably, current water levels are rising at 3mm per year, but the Pacific Ocean continues to rise much faster–at a rate of approximately 12 mm per year.

Serious real estate woes are in the making given the current reality despite the variety of opinions regarding climate change.

“Anote’s Ark” is also the subject of a campaign. The film premiered to sold-out audiences and overwhelming response at Sundance.

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Written by Meredith Fairbank