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Casino Terms: Defined and Debunked

Casino gaming is at an all-time high. Millions of people all around the world enjoy classic casino games such as poker, blackjack, roulette and baccarat from their phone or computer. Online casinos have an abundance of choice in games and are easy and convenient to access.

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If you are new to online casinos or are yet to explore games in-depth, understanding all of the common terms and jargon can be a bit of a challenge. While some are quite obvious and can be guessed at, others are a mystery to casino beginners and need to be explained.

We explore many of the common terms that you will come across when playing some of the most popular online casino games and provide definitions and examples of when they will be used:

Poker terms

Aggressive: An aggressive player is someone who raises frequently.

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Ante: The stake a player is required to put in to be able to participate in the next hand.

Back hand: The first hand, which must be the strongest of the three hands and consists of five cards.

Big Blind: A bet that is forced by the player sat two from the dealer.

Bluff: When a player has a weak hand, they may bluff to play in a way that suggests a strong hand

Buy-in: Chips needed to play in a game or tournament.

Call: To match the current bet.

Check: To stay in the hand without needing the bet. After checking the player can still raise or call later in the current round.

Continuation bet: The raiser goes on to pre-flop bet out of the flop

Dominate: A hand that is stronger than the other players’ hands because of its combination of cards

Face card: A jack, queen or king of any suit

Fish: Someone who frequently loses and has a tendency to bet on every hand.

Fold: When a player retires from the round because they think their opponents have stronger hands

Isolate: Raising with the idea of making all but one other player fold

Limp: Call the amount of the big blind

Multi-tabling: Playing a number of poker games at the same time

Open: The first bet in the round

Pass: Fold or not place a bet.

Pot: The amount of chips that will be paid out to the winner of the round.

Raise: Betting at least double the ante or blind.

Set: A hand with three cards that are the same rank

Straight: A hand with five consecutively ranked cards

Wild card: The card designated to represent any other card to make the best hand

Roulette terms

American roulette: The US version of the game with 38 pockets, including the double zero pocket.

Banco: Putting all your money on one bet

Column bet: Betting on one of the twelve-number columns on the roulette wheel

D’Alembert: A strategy whereby you double your bet after each loss.

European roulette: The version of the game with 37 pockets and no double zero

Final: Bets placed on numbers on the wheel that end with the same digit.

High bet: Bets placed on all numbers between 19 and 36.

Low bet: Bets placed on all of the first eight numbers.

Martingale: A strategy whereby the player increases each subsequent bet after a loss by doubling and adding one unit.

Outside bet: Even money bets, such as red and black or high and low

Quarter bet: Betting on four numbers in a single bet

Bingo terms.

Admission packet: Minimum number of tickets a player is required to purchase in order to participate.

Blackout: The entire card must be matched in order to win.

Face: A singular bingo card.

Four corners: Where all four corners must be matched in order to win.

Hardway: A straight-line pattern that doesn’t use free space.

On: When the player needs just one more number to get Bingo.

Overdrawn: A number that is drawn more frequently than expected.

Overdue: A number drawn less frequently than expected.

How can I quickly get to grips with online casino games?

Watch tutorial videos.

There are plenty of instructional videos on YouTube that will give you the basics of each game and strategies to try out for yourself.

Participate in free or demo games.

Many sites will have a demo version of the game that allows you to try it out without betting any of your actual bankroll first.

Get tips in online forums.

Get chatting to other online casino players in the community on forums, this could be social media groups (e.g Facebook or Reddit) or on the message board on a casino website.

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Written by Marcus Richards

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