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Anywhere & Back: The Amazing TOMCAR

TOMCAR is one of the coolest things I have encountered in my search for Cool Stuff. You know it’s an awesome car when in addition to a safety belt it’s recommended drivers and passengers wear a helmet!

Gravel, mud, rocks, sand, water, logs and branches, steep hills. The all-terrain TOMCAR can power through it all.

The nearly invincible vehicle is no ordinary dune buggy. It has a number of technological innovations that make it nothing short of amazing, for example, it has no axle to break and leave you stranded.

TOMCAR consistently outperforms the competition.

The hand-crafted, off-road vehicle is manufactured in Israel, Australia, and Arizona and is currently in use for water purification and by the US Border Patrol, the British Army in Afghanistan, firefighters, ranchers and farmers, tourist companies, and many others.

Diesel, gasoline, and electric versions of the car are available.

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Written by Meredith Fairbank