For most players, Pokemon games are the best (and easily found used at sites like Old School Game Vault) and the most appealing. Add Nintendo DS to the equation and you can start to download and play some of the most iconic games of this genre. But, which ones do you need to play? Below is the list of the best Pokemon games for Nintendo DS. You can play them on your PC as well, but you will have to download NDS Roms. Let’s see which ones are the greatest.

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1. Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver


Without saying the Pokémon HeartGold & SoulSilver is the best or better, it’s the ultimate Pokemon game for DS. It is a remake Nintendo based on Pokemon Gold and Silver. The biggest improvement is in the Yellow’s ability to have a partner who will follow him around. The game itself is similar to Gold and Silver so you can get a clear picture of how fun it is to play.

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2. Pokémon Platinum


The Pokémon Platinum has to be on our list. It is an enhanced version of Diamond and Pearl which brought several improvements. The biggest one is the ability to play mini games. 20 players were able to play a game at the same time and to compete. Wi-Fi Plaza is probably the main reason why this game is so popular, even today. Other improvements included online trading and the ability to record battles.

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3. Pokémon Black and White 2


Pokémon Black and White 2 is a sequel to the game with the original title. The improvements are PokerStars Studios and players were able to use it to record a movie with their Pokemons. Now you were able to explore new regions in Unova world and to capture new Pokemons. As a development, the game was a huge hit and one of the best-known games of all times.

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4. Pokémon Black and White


Obviously the Pokémon Black and White will be on our list. This game was revolutionary due to the fact that it followed the spirits of Pokemons and added the season feature. Spirits were used as animations while fighting with other players. The season feature changed the appearance of the world and affected the gameplay. There is no need to add the fact that this made a game completely different than the previous versions.

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5. Pokémon Diamond & Pearl


This game has to be on the list due to several reasons. First of all, it is the first game on a franchise that allowed players to play online. You were able to increase the times of days as well as being able to capture amazing Pokemons. Add the new generation of monsters and you can get a clear picture of why it was popular.

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These 5 games have a special place in the world of Pokemons and they are simply the best. Now you know which ones should be played and why. All we can add is that you will have a lot of fun and will enjoy playing all of these games. And of course we had to add one more, the Game  Spider Solitaire Masters, which you should also try.

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