Where To Get The Best Shisha In Chester?

The pandemic is continuing to extend further and further into the future with the sign of letting up. This has made many small businesses and self-employed people start working on solutions to help them to stay in business during this second year of the lockdown. 

You may have already figured out how to get your favorite food brought to your home, and there are more and more options for ways to get groceries and other items delivered straight to your flat. As companies are becoming more and more flexible in response to the changing landscape of the world post Covid, even restaurants and bars are rising to the challenge of this new world.

What is Shisha?

You may be wondering, what is Shisha? Shisha is flavoured tobacco that is smoked using a hookah. This water pipe makes the tobacco very aromatic and delightful. Hookah smoking is a very social experience, and when Shisha bars and lounges were open at full capacity, sitting around on cushions or in a booth and sipping tea or a drink while you smoked as a great social pastime.

Now that the pandemic has changed the lay of the land, Shisha lovers have been feeling bereft of their usual fun and enjoyable social time. Hookahs in the home are becoming far more common, as is the rise of the Shisha bar who offers delivery services.

If you have wanted to try Shisha, but don’t want to go to a lounge right now, you are in luck! You don’t have to go to get Shisha in Chester to try it out! You can order Shisha from many of the great Shisha lounges in the UK and have it delivered to your home!

Where to Get the Best Shisha in Chester?

Now that you know that you can try Shisha out via delivery, you just need to know where to get the best Shisha in Chester. Shisha Chester is the center of a network of growing Shisha awareness in the UK, and there are lots of great bars and lounges to visit.

If you want to get some great Shisha delivered to you, you really have to check out Okha. They offer up a great lounge location that you can visit, or you can send them a DM through their social media account and order some of their delightful Shisha to be delivered right to your home!

You will want to try any of their yummy fruit flavours. They offer a really good grape and an excellent raspberry. You should also strongly consider enjoying one of their Premium Shisha blends. These are creative and fun flavours like Grape Soda, White Gummy Bear and Frozen Lemon. 

Premium Shisha is usually the way to go but not every UK Shisha bar or lounge will offer up premium selections. Okha has great premium Shisha and is a really good choice for your Shisha Chester needs.

Can I Still go to a Shisha Lounge in Chester?

Social distanced sit-down sessions at Shisha Bars in Chester are still going on at many locations. You will have to make a reservation in many instances, and you will have to come with the specified number of people.

Many lounges are also not able to offer the full slate of their additional services due to the rules, but you could go hang out and watch a movie with a couple of friends so long as you make a reservation.

At Okha Lounge, you can plan to go to a movie night with a friend and hang out with your favorite flavour of Shisha and your favorite friend or family member. Their delightful space allows you to see the movie in comfort while you enjoy one of the Shisha offerings on their extensive menu. 

Always make sure to reach out to the Shisha lounge you are thinking of visiting before you leave the house. The rules and limitations of each wave of lockdowns can cause the availability of these services to vary.

Shisha is Fun and Social

During these troubled times, having fun social experiences with the people you are living with is important. You don’t have to ask one another every night what movie to watch when you have the option to order some delivery Shisha and spend some time chatting and drinking tea while you enjoy your hookah. 

Using the Okha Lounge motto of smoke and chill has never been more applicable. You will be so happy that you have received a delivery from this great Shisha Chester lounge, and you will be even happier if you stop by their lounge.

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