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7 Great Blogs That Deal With The Art Of Writing

Enhance your writer skills by reading some of the best blogs about the art of writing.

My personal definition of writing:

Extracting thoughts from your head and clearly expressing them in writing with the utmost accuracy in a logical structure that conveys to the reader exactly the message you intended it to say.

Quite a technical definition (no effort to be poetic was made there)! I say that because, believe it or not, we writers have a lot to say about the process of writing itself.

Writing is a difficult task: from that first excruciating ordeal of finding just the right words to the frustratingly mind-numbing activity of trying to write as simply as possible so a child could understand.

If you ever considered writing for any purpose, advice from the those who came before will do more good than you’d think. Learn more than a few tips on the art of writing by reading these blogs.

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#1 The Write Practice

The The Write Practice Content recommended by Kraig Martin.

As the old saying goes, ‘practice makes perfect’ and this podcast is a great tool to help you develop your writing skills. Joe Bunting and Liz Bureman guide you through some simple exercises that you can take to improve your overall quality of the writing that you create. It’s perfect for everyone from professional writers looking to keep their head in the game, through to complete beginners approaching creative writing for the first time.

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#2 Daily Writing Tips

The Daily Writing Tips Content recommended by Dylan Menders.

The name speaks for itself – they give tips for aspiring authors daily. The articles are reader-friendly and easy understandable. Their advice ranges from writing-specific to motivation to oddities, like words that Shakespeare invented. There is a plenty of info on grammar, punctuation, writing quizzes and style.

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#3 The Write Life

The The Write Life Content recommended by Nate Masterson.

This blog is a great resource for every kind of writer. If you’re interested in doing freelance writing or starting to write a book, this blog will show you the way. They also have an extremely dedicated community that’s very helpful as well.

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#4 Writer’s Digest

The Writer’s Digest Content recommended by Nate Masterson.

If you’re looking for the best writing tips from writers, then this is one of the best blogs to visit. The blog helps you uncover your full potential by providing you with blogs about simplified issues in the writing community. They host events that you could attend each year.

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#5 Jeff Goins Blog

The Jeff Goins blog Content recommended by Sarah Snider.

The Jeff Goins blog has a podcast and a list of writing resources to help both new and veteran writers better their craft and writing careers. The blog is rich in writing tips and it is written and presented in a way that is both interesting and informative.

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#6 Writing Excuses

The Writing Excuses Content recommended by Sarah Snider.

Writing Excuses is a podcast done by writers for writers. I love these podcasts because they are short, often 15 minutes long, which makes it easy to fit into my busy work day. Each podcast is on something specific for creative writers looking to write a book or novel. They are great for both new and veteran writers who either write for fun or write for profit.

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#7 15 Minutes Of Creativity

The 15 Minutes of Creativity Content recommended by Carla E. Campos.

I would want to recommend 15 Minutes of Creativity for writers and creators who need a jumpstart to reach their creative goals. The site has a 10 Week Prompt challenge to empower writers who need to conquer writer’s block and they have several articles about being creative.

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