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28 Blogs To Understand SEO

Learn just what the hell is SEO and why everyone is talking about it.

S.E.O. – Search Engine Optimization. That’s what it stands for in case you didn’t know and it’s this almost buzzword you keep encountering online that represents an art that digital marketers are known to religiously practice every day since it first appeared.

All jokes aside, search engine optimization consists in making the content you write online easy to find by the search engines (And that’s what Google is, in case you didn’t know). And just why would you want to do that? Well, the more SEO-optimized your webpage content is, the highest it ranks on Google’s search results, meaning more people get to see it, and you definitively want your site to be seen.

There’s a lot of crazy advice and mysticism on SEO out there that bears no relation with reality and makes it seem like it’s close to some digital witchcraft, far from truth. Still, when you learn about SEO, do yourself a favor and learn it from the best, learn it by reading these blogs.

#1 The Recipes For Seo Success

The The Recipes for SEO Success Content recommended by Cassidy Barney.

This blog has a variety of tips and tricks for every level of SEO. From beginner to advanced, I ALWAYS learn something from these blogs to apply to my own strategy.

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#2 Moz Blog

The Moz Blog Content recommended by Jeremy Krantz.

As one of the key players in the SEO software industry, Moz also remains one of the best resources that people can use to get SEO tips and tricks. It’s easily digestible, to the point and sometimes even in a video format, not just text.

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#3 Ormi Media Seo Blog

The Ormi Media SEO blog Content recommended by Victoria Christensen.

The SEO and digital marketing blog at Ormi Media is created with business owners in mind, so you will learn more about SEO and various digital marketing strategies without feeling overwhelmed by overly technical articles and industry jargon.

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#4 Dashthis Blog

The DashThis blog Content recommended by Marie Lamonde.

DashThis’ blog is a great source of information for anyone looking for various SEO tips and tricks. There are multiple blog posts explaining what KPIs you should track, how to use Google Analytics and other tools for your SEO needs, some tips for SEO agencies, SEO tutorials to check out, and more. It’s a great resource for marketers of any level.

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#5 Julian

The Julian Content recommended by Vivek Kumar.

Julian Shapiro is a former VP of Marketing at Webflow and a prolific growth marketer. Using Julian’s growth marketing blog, our organization has been able to navigate the complicated waters of SEO, content marketing, and related initiatives.

In his blog, Julian unfolds the topic of growth marketing through conversational language. He employs the latest research on the subject and combines it with his personal experience. Investing an hour or two into reading his blog will fully inform the reader about the fundamentals of expanding one’s fledgling business with a limited budget.

Tossing unnecessarily complicated technical analyses out the window, Julian teaches growth marketing in a manner that fosters brainstorming and provides a full description of maximizing a company’s marketing initiatives.

Check it out

#6 National Positions Blog

The National Positions Blog Content recommended by Jaclyn Monaco.

This digital marketing blog covers a variety of topics from social media to video to Google updates and more, but SEO is still one of their favorite and most popular topics. Written by experts with SMB owners in mind, The National Positions Blog is updated regularly with must-know tips, trends, facts, and news.

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#7 Search Engine Journal

The Search Engine Journal Content recommended by Michelle Ngome.

SEJ is an established platform that stays updated on major digital marketing news. Over the years I have seen this platform evolve into a wealth of information within the marketing industry. This is a great website to keep up with the multiple movements that comes with effective marketing.

Check it out

#8 Backlinko Blog

The Backlinko blog Content recommended by Rob Powell.

Brian Dean of Backlinko writes the most detailed and helpful SEO guides and tutorials that I have seen. His SEO tips are original and actionable. His writing style is also amazing. It’s worth studying Brian’s writing style, especially his use of transitions, as its part of the reason he’s been so successful.

Check it out

#9 Brandon Gaille’S Blogging Millionaire Podcast

The Brandon Gaille’s Blogging Millionaire podcast Content recommended by Rob Powell.

One of the reasons I love this podcast is it’s not an interview – it’s just Brandon talking about strategies for increasing your organic search traffic. I love the fact that every episode has at least one actionable tip. Most times when I finish listening to his podcast, I immediately go and put into action a powerful SEO hack that he’s just revealed. Really well worth listening to!

Check it out

#10 Marie Haynes Consulting

The Marie Haynes Consulting Content recommended by Donna Duncan.

It is a weekly broadcast that highlights important events in world of SEO and content marketing. Marie uses layman terms to explain what has happened, why it is important, and how you, your business, or clients might be able to benefit. It’s a must listen, as far as I’m concerned. Well worth the 15 to 45 minutes a week it takes to listen to it.

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#11 Seo By The Sea

The SEO by the Sea Content recommended by Matt Bassos.

SEO by the Sea’s tag line is ‘Learn SEO Directly from the Search Engines’. This wonderful blog resource dives into Google’s patents and whitepapers that can directly relate to future developments of Google’s ranking algorithms.

With insights on new patent discoveries filed by Google, SEO by the Sea does a great job explaining a business approach behind how these technologies may impact the future of search.

This blog resource is a great way to research ways Google likely wants to evolve search with new technologies and can help you stay in front of the curve.

Check it out

#12 Stupid Simple Seo

The Stupid Simple SEO Content recommended by Candy Pilar Godoy.

Mike Pearson of Stupid Simple SEO breaks down SEO in the simplest way, so anyone can understand it. He enabled me to finally get a grasp on SEO and take control.

Check it out

#13 The Mighty Investor

The The Mighty Investor Content recommended by Jerryll Noorden.

This SEO blog is very different from what is out there. Unique methods and techniques that go beyond Google’s guidelines. All techniques discussed are tried and results shown.

Check it out

#14 Yoast Seo

The Yoast SEO Content recommended by Mark B. Huntley.

If you have been a long time user of WordPress, then you have surely seen and probably used the Yoast SEO plugin. It revolutionized SEO on WordPress and catapulted Yoast SEO Blogs written by Joost de Valk to the top of SEO fame. Today Yoast is no longer just a one-man show and their blogs set the industry standard for their content and creativity.

Check it out

#15 Robbie Richards

The Robbie Richards Content recommended by Brandon Baker.

Unlike other SEO blogs, Robbie Richards’ blog is more focused on practical knowledge and strategies that comes from his personal experience. He usually shares case studies or expert roundup with real examples and actionable knowledge.

Check it out

#16 Tanzek Media

The Tanzek Media Content recommended by Briana Marie.

This blog focuses on SEO, not just for websites, but for social media accounts as well. Subjects are explained in an easy to understand way, and there are always links to relevant products/resources to help you along your SEO journey.

Check it out

#17 Ahrefs Blog

The Ahrefs blog Content recommended by Alex Furfaro.

Ahrefs is one of, if not the best, SEO tool on the market and they are also the second fastest crawler to Google, meaning they literally have the most data behind Google when it comes to search engine optimization.

They use their data sets to provide unique insights in attempt to answer cutting edge SEO questions where having large data sets is important because of the scale and variablity in the industry. Their topics are extremely rich and unlike anything else out there.

Check it out

#18 Kevin Indig- A Student Of Technical Marketing

The Kevin Indig- A Student of Technical Marketing Content recommended by Nikola Roza.

This is a lesser-known, but extremely valuable SEO nugget of a website.

It’s run by Kevin Indig, an expert who’s was in charge of growth and SEO for huge companies like Vimeo, Atlassian, and The German Accelerator.

I like his blog because I learned there things I couldn’t elsewhere. For example, to base my keyword research around questions people have (because every keyword is a question).

The other thing I absorbed is his advice on internal linking, the advanced version of the technique, which helped me rank for my most valuable keywords with the least amount of backlinks possible.

Check it out

#19 Neil Patel’S Marketing School

The Neil Patel's Marketing School Content recommended by Nate Masterson.

I can’t get enough of Neil Patel and Eric Siu’s Marketing School. These guys are smart, articulate, and entertaining marketing gurus who share their golden tips and ideas day after day. Patel is basically the godfather of SEO and digital marketing, so listening to his advice is a no-brainer.

Check it out

#20 Page 1 Solutions Blog

The Page 1 Solutions blog Content recommended by Adam Rowan.

The Page 1 Solutions blog is a great resource for SEO because of the diversity of perspectives and because of the multifaceted treatment of the subject of SEO. Many different team members write regularly about best practices and updates in search marketing, and the topics range widely from the impact of reviews on local search listings to the visibility-boosting effects of social media activity. Blog content doesn’t narrowly construe SEO as what what you do with narrowly focused keywords on individual web pages.

Instead, posts explore many different aspects of SEO and the comprehensive impact of pooled strategies, such as on-site optimization in tandem with embedding and optimizing external video to support business marketing on multiple domains and to different consumer audiences.

Check it out

#21 Search Engine Roundtable

The Search Engine Roundtable Content recommended by Ramesh Singh.

Managed by Barry Schwartz who offers the latest updates about the industry trends. For almost all the SEO community his blog must be the source of information when something big is happening like Google algo updates, announcements etc.

Check it out

#22 Gsqi Blog

The GSQI Blog Content recommended by Ramesh Singh.

This blog has tons of valuable suggestion around the algorithm updates like Panda, Penguine and Core algorithm updates. Glenn did the awesome job in tracing and updating the SEO community on how you should be looking and fixing the site for improving the overall quality.

Check it out

#23 Elephate Blog

The Elephate Blog Content recommended by Ramesh Singh.

If you are into Technical SEO then you should not miss this blog. You will get some really good insights on Javascript SEO, Crawling and other technical SEO related concerns.

Check it out

#24 Deepcrawl Blog

The DeepCrawl Blog Content recommended by Ramesh Singh.

If you are a fan of Google Webmasters Office Hour Hangouts and wanted to know what webmasters are asking the questions to John Muller then you should follow DeepCrawl blog. They do cover series of hangout sessions and webinars by interviewing SEO experts.

Check it out

#25 Google Webmaster Central Blog

The Google Webmaster Central Blog Content recommended by Ramesh Singh.

Well, no one in the SEO community misses the opportunity to get the latest announcement from Google. This blog is dedicated to the webmasters and SEO on optimizing websites and also providing best practices to make your site awesome.

Check it out

#26 Diggity Marketing

The Diggity Marketing Content recommended by Sylvia Shalhout.

What stands out the most about Diggity Marketing’s blogs is the thorough case studies. Recently, I came across one where they helped a client lift an Algorithm penalty and found that, even though our site has never suffered from one, there are things one might miss that could lead to such an event. We actually implemented some of the advice to ensure we are never penalized by Google! It was truly valuable and great to see the solution in action with tangible results.

Check it out

#27 Neil Patel

The Neil Patel Content recommended by Sylvia Shalhout.

It’s probably no surprise to see the King of SEO and marketing on this list of the best SEO blogs. But it’s not just the actual content of the blogs that I look for to find tips on increasing traffic and ranking on page 1 of Google. It’s the actual practices that are implemented on the blog.

While each post usually has some real-life strategy applied by Neil Patel himself, watching out for other marketing and SEO strategies implemented on the blog has been helpful as well when it comes to CTAs and conversion optimization.

Check it out

#28 Merj

The Merj Content recommended by Sarah Snider.

This blog is completely dedicated to technical SEO. It posts monthly “roundups” on the month’s technical SEO trends and news. Even better are the action plans they mention at the end whereby one can immediately put the changes into practice.

Check it out

The recommendations of items within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Michelle Ngome from Sutliff & Stout, Injury & Accident Law Firm

Rob Powell from Rob Powell Biz Blog

Donna Duncan from B-SeenOnTop

Matt Bassos from Vuly Play

Candy Pilar Godoy from BoogieThePug

Jerryll Noorden from The Mighty Investor

Mark B. Huntley from Credit Knocks

Brandon Baker from Optiux Marketing

Briana Marie from MajorLeagueMommy

Alex Furfaro from Alex Furfaro SEO Consulting

Nikola Roza from Nikola Roza- SEO for the Poor and Determined

Nate Masterson from NateMasterson

Adam Rowan from Page 1 Solutions, LLC

Ramesh Singh from BankBazaar

Sylvia Shalhout from Mashvisor

Sarah Snider from SEO

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