Last Light by Alex Scarrow

Last Light by Alex Scarrow. Realistic, devastating and absorbing

Have you ever wondered, even for an instant, how the world would seem if our infrastructure suddenly stopped functioning? And it could happen.

Alex Scarrow
Alex Scarrow

Alex Scarrow has written in devastating detail what it could be like in this work of fiction. Of how it would affect a bright, slightly forwarned individual and his or her family. I read this book in one sitting with a break to sleep. Horrifying and realistic, imaginary and very scary. He makes a seemingly logical argument for this terrifying scenario – and unlike most thrillers, this one seems as though it could happen to ME. And I probably wouldn’t see it coming.

This is more than just about a desperate situation, it is about how people react when put under extreme stress. I found it all too believable.

This is a book I shall keep – but well hidden behind, other less frightening volumes. And if I ever feel sorry for myself, I will bring it out and remind myself how fortunate I am, how well looked after by our system and how lucky I am to have survived as long as I have.

You may not enjoy reading it, but you are unlikely to forget it and you might even learn something that will be useful to you as life unfolds itself.

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