The 5 Best 80s Comebacks in Fashion

It turns out the 80s aren’t so dead after all. While we can all be glad we’re not teasing and hair spraying our hair to death anymore, the eighties are showing up in milder ways throughout modern fashion—puffy sleeves and oversized denim jackets are just some of the best 80s comebacks in fashion.


As one of the subtler fashion statements of the eighties, this shoulder-bearing style has had many fans over the years. Celebrities like Madonna and Whitney Houston shone in these casual pieces, and more and more women of this decade have started to love this simple yet sexy style.

Mom Jeans

The mom jean has made a triumphant comeback after years of being put-down and shoved to the backs of closets. The style has been upgraded a little, featuring a snugger fit around the hips, and it probably does help that they’re being worn by celebs like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid. Whatever the reason, the mom jean renaissance has been embraced by women from all walks of life who aren’t afraid of a little retro jean.

Ankle Socks

Those beautiful, slouchy ankle socks peeked out of every sneaker on the streets of America during the 80s. Low-rise socks have been replaced with colorful, patterned socks that everyone seems proud to show off. And why not? Ankles deserve to be adorned too. No longer just popular in sneakers, it has become daring and fashionable to wear a thin pair of socks with designer heels.

Shoulder Pads

As the ugly duckling of eighties fashion trends, it’s miraculous that shoulder pads have resurfaced in our jackets today. These kinds of blazers were modeled by famous designers like Louis Vuitton—and we know better than to question Louis. The exaggerated padding adds a certain chicness to an otherwise bland or conservative look.

Bike Shorts

From geometric patterns and neon colors on ill-fitting spandex, bike shorts have really come full circle since their tumultuous beginnings. Thanks in part to Yeezy’s designs and Kim Kardashian’s near constant praise, bike shorts are now the ‘cool’ short. Often paired with windbreakers or other baggy tops, bike shorts show us that it sometimes takes time—or in this case decades—to hone a craft. This really is one of the best 80s comebacks in fashion.

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Written by Logan Voss

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