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Vintage Trends That Are Coming Back in 2019

Trends from the past have a way of sneaking up on us when we least expect them. From glamourous tweed suits to quirky fanny-packs, fashion trends have a habit of bringing us back to the past. Below is a list of a few popular vintage trends that are coming back in 2019.

The 1960’s

From trousers to mini-skirts, women of the sixties changed fashion forever by experimenting with previously taboo styles. Sixties fashion trends are full of gems that we emulate today such as oversized glasses and shaggy coats. One of the more popular sixties trends that has resurfaced today is matching tweed suits, which were popularized by Jackie Kennedy. Today, they’re worn by models like Cara Delevingne and Kate Upton; they’re also the favorite fabric of world-renowned designer Karl Lagerfeld.

The 1970’s

All fashion rules flew out the window in the seventies as people ignored the previous decade’s insistence on conformity. Trendsetters replaced rigid suits and high-heels with sweaters, t-shirts, jeans, and sneakers. Today, some fan favorites from this decade included bell-bottom jeans, suede, and (surprisingly enough) denim quilted/patchwork. Patchwork denim is tricky to pull-off, but Cardi B recently wore a daring head-to-toe denim Versace number that looked stunning. Patchwork denim jeans and jackets are now worn by everyone from Bella Hadid to Margot Robbie.

The 1980’s

If you’re prone to headaches, then eighties trends are probably not for you. Bright neon colors, heavy accessorizing, and sequins are all iconic choices which truly define this decade. Today, we experience some serious 1980’s Deja-vu; from fanny-packs and mom-jeans, to shoulder pads and bike shorts, it seems like everyone is reliving this decade. Lucky for us, some of these once-obnoxious styles have been appropriately toned down. High-waisted mom jeans are ubiquitous in everyday wear, and fanny-packs have become the go-to accessory for music festivals and travel.

The 1990’s

Nineties trends may be less noticeable, but they’re slowly starting to make their way back in to the world of fashion. Wearing items with large brand logos, choker necklaces, and chunky dad sneakers are just a few of the nineties trends we can’t get enough of. Although top to bottom Fendi paired with a stocky, thick shoe may seem overwhelming, these questionable fashion pieces have nevertheless re-emerged as a trendsetting style.

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Written by Logan Voss

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