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5 Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas for Date Night

Get out your palettes, matte lips, and cheek stains and get dolled up this Valentine’s Day! These Valentine’s Day makeup looks offer a little something different for you makeup risk-takers.

Red Smokeshow

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a smoky red eye. Pick any two of your most vibrant red shadows—apply one shade on the entire crease past your eye line into a v-shape, and extend the shadow towards your lower lash line. With your remaining red shade, blend the edges of your look, creating a slight crimson gradient and adding depth to your lid. Apply a thick coat of jet black mascara or your favorite false lashes. Skip the liner—this look is powerful enough as is! Wear a rosy nude lip to offset the vibrancy of your shadows.

Purple Pout

Purple. Purple everywhere. Various jewel-toned purple shades dance across your lids, accompanied by a deep violet lip. You can make this look your own, but we recommend using a lavender highlight in the inner corner of your eye to add some brightness to the drama.

Eyes First

This look is all about letting the natural you shine. Use a light coverage, dewy foundation to even out your skin tone and cover blemishes. The eye is understated, using minimal eyeliner to elongate the eye and provide slight definition. Take a gel eyeliner and sweep it along your lash line, keeping the line as thin as possible. f you love the definition you get from an eyeliner, but you have sensitive eyes from allergies or wearing contact lenses, you can always find the best eyeliner for sensitive eyelids and still enjoy this look. This feline look depends on a defined wing, so take it as far out as you dare! Add length to your eyelashes with false lashes, taking care to avoid very heavy ones that will overwhelm the delicate eyeliner you’ve worked so hard on.

Pretty in Pink

Bring an ethereal glow to your complexion with a rosy cheek and a pink lipstain. Mix pink, peach, and metallic hues to achieve a bright eye—this is best done with the Too Faced Just Peachy palette. Add bright, bubblegum pink gloss for a sweet finish.

Blood Red

Make your lips the star of the show with a bold, blue-toned red lip. Sophisticated and sassy, this eye look relies on a perfectly blended brown-hued smoky eye. Focus the color on your outer V, diluting the intensity as you take it into your crease. Complete it with a voluminous black mascara and false eyelashes. You’ll be the star of this Valentine’s Day!

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Written by Logan Voss

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