6 Best Craft Beers for Beginners to Help Broaden Your Taste

Are you tired of drinking the same traditional light beers? If you don’t like hard liquor and want to drink something new this summer, try expanding your taste in beer. There are various styles of craft beer on the market, and it’s only increasing in popularity. However, craft beer can taste a bit strong to the light beer drinker, which is why you need to know the best craft beers for beginners.

Blonde Ale

Blonde ale is one of the best craft beers for beginners because of its light color and lack of bitterness. If you usually drink light beer, this smooth-tasting choice is probably the best place to start.

Wheat Beer

Like blonde ale, wheat beer is another choice that features a lighter color. This is a great pick for the summer. Wheat beer has the same alcohol content and level of bitterness as a blonde ale, as well.

Indian Pale Ale (IPA)

Unlike many craft beers on the market, IPA is known for its fruity taste, making it one of the most popular craft beer styles. While IPA isn’t too bitter or dark, it still has more of a kick than both blonde ale and wheat beer.

Pale Ale

Pale ale is another choice with a fruity flavor, but it has a stronger, hoppier taste and a darker color than an IPA. Sierra Nevada is among the best pale ales to try if you’re interested in trying something a bit more hoppy.

American Amber Lager

Samuel Adams is one of the most recognizable forms of American amber lager, which is darker than an IPA but not as bitter. American amber lager goes down smoothly, but it still has plenty of flavor.


Stouts are far heavier than the other choices on this list and should treated more like coffee. Guinness is probably the most well-known stout available. Another thing to know about stouts is that they actually pair well with dessert.

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Written by Logan Voss

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