Uncommon Laser Cutting Projects

Laser cutting is best used on plastics, wood, and other non-metal materials and to create unique and interesting projects. Check out some of the most uncommon laser cutting projects below.


Invitations or even business cards can be successfully laser cut. Imagine how much a custom laser cut wood card will impress invitees or business associates—talk about standing out from the crowd! A memorable invitation leads to more RSVPs, and a memorable business card leads to more lasting connections. The biggest hurdle is getting noticed, so get ahead with this unique laser cutting idea.

Jewelry and accessories

Looking for a unique product to set an outfit apart? Laser cut bracelets are a unique way laser cutting has broken into the fashion industry. For design ideas that require the utmost precision and style preference, chose a method that can handle the ins and outs. Laser cutting can get even the tiniest detail exactly right, every time. Laser cut wooden ties are also an uncommon use for laser cutting. To level up an outfit, or simply stand out in a room, a wooden tie might be all that’s needed.

Clothing textiles

Alongside accessories and jewelry, some fashion textiles are laser cut. Many fabrics will fray or split if cut by hand, so laser cutting’s precision is the best bet on getting clean and decisive cuts. Because the laser seals the edges as it cuts, there is no risk of fraying fabric—that means less waste and more time to focus on the product.

Point-of-purchase displays

Nothing draws a potential customer in like a bright and modern-looking display. Use laser cutting to create acrylic displays with accuracy and style. You probably opt to outsource to a reputable manufacturer similar to for your laser cutting machines. Coming up with creative ideas for point-of-purchase displays can be tough, so have a basic idea and a professional team to work out the nitty-gritty details. These are sure-fire ways to turn an idea into reality.

There are many projects laser cutting can help with. With endless possibilities and total customization, there are more and more uncommon projects utilizing laser cutting every day.

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Written by Logan Voss

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