How to Start a Career in Film Production

The film industry is so complex. When most people think of the film business, they think of actors and the people in front of the camera. However, there’s so much that happens behind the scenes as well. The truth of the matter is, movies wouldn’t be the same without experienced technicians working tirelessly to get the perfect shot. If you want to play a part in making the next blockbuster movie, read this resourceful guide on how to start a career in film production. If you learn about the industry before switching jobs, you’ll feel more confident in your choice down the line.

Do Your Research

The first thing you should do if you’re wondering how to start a career in film production is research. No one can just start a career without knowing anything about it. Research what the job entails. Is there any specialized training you’ll need to do, or any additional schooling you’ll need? Try your best to locate people within the industry and see if you can shadow them for a day. That way, you can see what their schedule is like and learn about the job requirements. Also, study up on the salary. While you might have a passion for filmmaking, you must ensure that you can pay your bills, too.

Learn about the Equipment and Terminology

The film production industry makes use of a great deal of technical equipment. You can’t shoot an entire season of a television show on a basic camera. If you want to start a career in film production, you must learn about the various equipment involved. Do your research and see if any of the tools are things you can buy on your own. If not, see if any studios near you rent them out to prospective producers. Moreover, you should study all the terminology within the business as well. You don’t want to look completely lost on your first day on set. So look up things like a tripod and a three-point lighting kit. You should also know about the different types of light metering. Light metering plays a significant role in ensuring photographers and filmmakers capture the clearest image possible. If you learn these terms beforehand, you’ll be more prepared to start a career in film production.


Anyone who’s looking for a job should understand the importance of networking. However, networking is especially important for those looking to start a career in film production. Since film production is a relatively niche business, it’s so important to have an “in.” You must work extra hard to get your name out there and show people your passion. So please, join tons of film production pages on social media. Write a post about how you’re interested in this type of job and see if anyone is willing to take you under their wing. The more people you know within the business, the higher your chances are of getting a job.

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Written by Logan Voss

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