3 Different Materials Furniture Is Made Of

Many different types of furniture most likely reside within your home. However, most furniture pieces are made from just a few different materials. Check out this guide to the different materials furniture is made of to learn more about the three most commonly used materials in furniture production.


Plastic is a commonly used material in modern furniture-making. A lot of furniture is made of plastic because it’s a cheaper material that’s easy to mold into sleek, modern furniture pieces. Plastic furniture is affordable and stylish, making it a popular option. One drawback to plastic furniture is that it typically doesn’t last as long as furniture made of other materials. Bedframes, tables, chairs, bookcases, desks, and more are commonly crafted out of plastic or a mixture of mainly plastic materials.


Wood furniture has many advantages, including longevity and a timeless style. Wood furniture is sturdy and built to last for generations. It’s much pricier than furniture made of different materials, with different price points depending on the type of wood used and whether the piece is finished and stained. The look of wood furniture transcends trends, so it can look current in a home for decades. One drawback to wood furniture—other than the large price tag—is that once it’s damaged, it can be difficult to repair, especially if the wood is stained and finished. However, wood is difficult to damage severely.


Metal furniture is stylish, easy to maintain, and difficult to damage—and it lasts a long time. Furniture made of metal can work in modern and traditional homes. One drawback to metal furniture is that it doesn’t make very comfortable lounging furniture such as chairs and benches. Metal furniture is also prone to rust and corrosion, which can quickly damage and even ruin the furniture. 

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Written by Logan Voss

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