Unique Gifts for Steampunk Enthusiasts

Steampunk is a subgenre and culture set in a futuristic Victorian-era universe, rife with gadgets and contraptions. The premise focuses on industrial steam-powered technology, with a mixture of technology, history, literature, and aesthetics. Like many other literary subgenres, it has spawned a devout subculture. Below are some unique gifts for steampunk enthusiasts so you’ll know something special to get the one in your life.

Dollger Round Glasses or Goggles

The Dollger round glasses—also known as Lennon glasses after famous musician John Lennon—are a popular choice amongst Steampunk fans. They provide a dark, gothic image to wearers, and wearers can accessorize them to fit their steampunk-theme. They work for many activities, such as sports, outdoor wear, and to protect against wind and rain.

The Steampunk Bible

The perfect gift for anyone who wants to get into steampunk is The Steampunk Bible. Written by authors Jeff VanderMeer and S.J. Chambers, this is the defining contemporary model for this genre. It provides a lot of assistance to anyone interested in turning steampunk into a hobby, interest, or lifestyle. It describes a world of fashion, food, vehicles, and literature vastly different from those in the real world. The retrofuturism of steampunk blends science fiction, fantasy, history, and aesthetics. Anyone interested in the subculture must read this book.

Steampunk Fashion

Similarly, the clothes people wear helps to define their identity. Steampunk fashion incorporates a mixture of Victorian-era clothing with elements of the Industrial Revolution and machinery. A lot of this fashion mixes different stylistic traits, like brass telescope and binoculars, birdlike gadgets, lab coats, formal clothes, belts, and instruments. Ultimately, a mix of the 1800s-era clothing and industrialization defines the style. You should also consider hairstyling materials, jewelry, makeup, and body modifiers to match the clothes. With so many options, you’re sure to find a fun and unique gift for your favorite steampunk enthusiast.

Steampunk Tool Set

In steampunk, there are many important materials and tools to match the style. This includes metals, rives, gears, cogs, wood, glass, and leather. A lot of these materials blend with different tools for use or style. These include saws, hammers, soldering irons, metal files, locks and lockpicks, pliers, or other industrial-based tools. Many steampunkers even modify their tools with paint or other decorations. People have turned keyboards into Victorian-era typewriters or steam-powered wheelchairs. With the right gadgets and artistic mindset, anyone can revamp their favorite objects into steampunk creations.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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