Tips for Reopening Your Restaurant During COVID-19

Reopening may be on the horizon for your restaurant if you haven’t already reopened. With restrictions in response to the global pandemic slowly loosening all over the country, now is a good time to look into what safety measures you should be providing to your guests.

Check out these tips for reopening your restaurant during COVID-19.

Require masks and provide them when customers forget

Many states still require people to wear face coverings or masks in public areas, but even in those that don’t, requiring customers to wear them when not actively eating or drinking can be a great asset to public health. Bringing a mask every time someone leaves their home is a new requirement, so you will often run into customers who forget their masks. Rather than turning them away, try keeping a few boxes of disposable masks on hand to offer those who don’t have their own. This can keep customers dining with you and benefit their and your staff’s health.

Keep tables and chairs six feet apart

Many restaurants are making the mistake of measuring from the base of the table. Six feet apart only works if, when the tables are both at capacity, the people at neighboring tables are still six feet away from one another. Place chairs around the table and push them out to a reasonable sitting position. Measure from the back of the chair to get a true six-foot distance. This keeps your customers safer and reassures them that you care for their health and wellness.

Provide hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is an essential item to carry at your restaurant for your customers. It’s extremely unsanitary to eat with dirty hands, especially during a pandemic when the customer could’ve touched an infected item before sitting down to eat. Keeping small bottles of hand sanitizer on each table can cut down on accidental contamination. It’s also a gesture of goodwill to your customers that you are committed to keeping them and your staff safe from illness as much as possible. An alternative is providing hand wipes for customers. This is also an effective method of stopping the spread of germs at your restaurant.

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Written by Logan Voss

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