4 Responsibilities That Come With Dog Ownership

Owning a dog isn’t only about keeping them properly fed and taking them outside every so often. There are more obligations that come with dogs than you may consider before adoption. If you’re trying to cover all your bases before picking out your canine companion, it’s important that you consider every responsibility, big or small, that comes with the pet. These four responsibilities that come with dog ownership may not seem like a huge deal at first, but if you don’t consider them now, they’ll sneak up on you later.

Dog Training

Many people who are new to dog ownership adopt their dog and complain when it displays poor behavior. If you aren’t patient with a new puppy or adult dog, you’ll set them up for failure. A responsible owner gives their dog the patience and discipline it needs in order to improve its behavior. If the dog requires more training than you can offer it at home, you may need to invest in dog training classes from a professional dog handler. It’s your responsibility to provide your dog with the tools it needs to succeed instead of returning it to the pet store or shelter.

Follow Local Laws and Rules

Dogs are often noisy and may cause issues if you live in a place where you must follow noise regulations, such as if you are renting an apartment or living in a condo complex. Among other rules for pets that may exist in your neighborhood or building, it’s essential to watch for special dog rules to avoid placing extra stress on yourself, your family, or your new dog. Your housing organization may limit the breeds of dogs you can choose from due to size restrictions or a fear of certain dog breeds. Though you may not agree with the rules, until the situation changes, you should listen to them for a more comfortable life.

Prepare for Where They’ll Go During a Vacation

It may seem like you’re thinking too far ahead or overpreparing, but having a plan for where your pet will go while you’re out of the house for long periods will help in the long run. Consider which friends or family members are open to the idea of dog sitting in case of an emergency, trip, or vacation. Pick someone responsible—don’t pick an irresponsible person just because they’re excited to take care of a dog. If no one in your inner circles is willing or able to take care of a dog for longer than a day or two, consider researching local dog boarding services.

Dog Socialization

Last on the list of responsibilities that come with dog ownership is the fact that dogs are usually social animals. Since they don’t have the freedom to go out with their friends whenever they want, it’s up to you to ensure your dog gets the socialization it needs with other dogs and humans. You may need to adopt another dog in the future or a cat if they get along. Socializing your dog is always necessary, or else the dog may end up antisocial or unhappy.

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Written by Logan Voss

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