3 of the Most Important Qualities To Look for in New Hires

Millions of people are looking for work right now because of the pandemic. Luckily, some industries, such as digital marketing, are booming because of the current climate. So, employers should read about these qualities to look for in new hires to ensure the right person gets the job.


No one should ever show up to a job interview in pajamas. Although you cannot discriminate on appearance, the person you hire should look presentable enough to fit in at the workplace. Also, take their behavior into account. Are they being respectful? What kind of language are they using? Slang terms could be an indicator that they may not be a good fit for the job.

Past Experience

Employers should always look into a person’s past experience before hiring them. As sad as it is, some people are untruthful on their applications and resumes. That’s why it’s even more important to double-check everything in their history.

Pro Tip: Be sure to do some research before hiring a job hopper; if someone has had multiple jobs in a short time, that could mean something is off-kilter.


In the business world, showing up early is the same thing as being on time. A person’s promptness is a good indication of how they will act as an employee. So, make this a team effort. Make sure the secretary or office administrator of the building knows when the applicant is supposed to show up. That way, they can tell you how early or late they are.

These are three of the most important qualities to look for in new hires. Of course, business owners want everyone to succeed. However, you can’t keep someone around if they’re bringing down the entire team. For this reason, employers should keep these things in mind during the person’s early stages of employment to ensure they’re a good fit.

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Written by Logan Voss

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