Tips for Buying a Wall Clock for Your Home

Time pieces are an essential part of modern life. Clocks are utilitarian masterpieces of engineering that have grown alongside the cultures of the world. Now with more options than ever, homeowners can get overwhelmed by all features and styles available. Check out our tips below for choosing a wall clock.

Choosing the Type

Despite the popularity of common digital alarm clocks, there are a variety of types still available. Primarily, the choice lies between electric or manual. The latter being rarer today, manual clocks are impressive show pieces that run without the use of man-made energy sources. Typically, a pendulum or key-wound clock are sold for those that need a more antique look. On the other hand, electric clocks are much more available. Rather than being powered by motion or a coil, batteries and plugs keep them going. They also come in an array of new and old styles.

Choosing the Style

One of the most important tips for buying a wall clock for your home is to consider the style. Most people probably think of a black and white clock hung on a wall as they see in most classrooms or offices. While these clocks are certainly available, they are almost never the best choice. Besides different colors being available, there are much more creative and useful visual styles available. For instance, traditional analog displays can be very difficult to read unless positioning, size, numeral type, and font are taken into consideration. Besides this, there are also clocks with unique housing shapes and sound options to match the eventual placement of the piece.

Get the Right Clock for the Right Room

The most essential of tips for buying a wall clock for your home is placement. Where the clock is going makes all the difference. For instance, a small and ornate porcelain piece would be too hard to read if it was high on a wall. Conversely, a large cafeteria style clock would look ridiculous hung unceremoniously in a living room. Choose the clock carefully to match the feel of the space. A child’s room would benefit from a cute character-themed alarm clock. A rustic looking analog clock would mesh well in a humble or neat kitchen. For the serious athlete, a well-chosen modern wall clock can create an inspiring space reminiscent of professional sports centers. There are several options out there for every room and occasion—never settle for a boring or hard-to-read clock when there are countless options on the market.

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Written by Logan Voss

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