Common Causes of Metal Fabrication Injuries

Metalworking projects require fabricators to use complex hand tools and machinery. Metalworkers can achieve precise cuts and bends in their materials by properly operating on-site devices. Accurate machine operation isn’t just essential to workers’ success—it’s also critical to their safety. The job can be a dangerous one if facilities don’t follow safety guidelines. Discover the common causes of metal fabrication injuries so that you can take the correct preventative measures in your shop.

Negligent Staff

Fabrication employees should always stay alert while on the floor. Hazardous machines and materials are around every corner, making it imperative for both machine operators and bystanders to pay attention.

When operating machinery, metalworkers should give the task their undivided focus. If they’re not zoned in on their work, they could seriously injure themselves or a coworker. Management should enforce proper training and procedures to maximize safety in their shop. Each employee should be familiar with safe machine practices and material handling. For example, fabricators should know how to properly align their drill press and maneuver hefty or awkward metals to prevent accidents from happening.

Incorrect Tool or Material Handling

Tendonitis, carpal tunnel, and other chronic hand, wrist, and forearm conditions are common results of inadequate workstations, poor tool maintenance, and improper device use. Employees should use proper positions and posture when utilizing hand tools, in addition to the larger machinery on the site.

Most of the products used in fabrication projects are hazardous in some way. Sheet metal and other materials can be tricky to carry, making them common causes of metal fabrication injuries. Workers can end up harming themselves or others if transporting goods carelessly.

Lack of Safety Equipment

Most fabrication facilities require staff and visitors to wear PPE, such as goggles and helmets, to protect them from workplace hazards. If management does not enforce the use of PPE, people can become highly susceptible to metal sparks, shards, and other harmful byproducts of metalworking.

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Written by Emma Radebaugh

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