A List of Booming Industries In 2021

In 2020, we became clear on what industries are essential. We also found out what industries we missed very much due to the pandemic. Some predict the following to be the booming industries in 2021 because of the needs and wants of our society.


It came as quite a surprise to many parents when they were suddenly ushered into a homeschooling parental role. Thanks to e-learning, the planning, teaching, and testing have been there to assist.

The future is still uncertain, and many parents have found they like the at-home learning method. Combining those two schools of thought means e-learning may not disappear with the pandemic.

Online homeschool programs are sure to increase in demand as millions continue to learn at home.

Post-Pandemic Outings

Humans are social creatures and have missed the type of socializing they are used to. In 2021, outings with family and friends are sure to increase as we slowly get back to normal.

Industries like the boating industry will bring families and friends together this summer. Family fun centers which offer multiple activities, and places like roller rinks which closed in 2020, are sure to draw a crowd as doors reopen.

Whatever the activity, people are ready to mingle again. Industries that specialize in these fun weekend outings will do very well in 2021.

Cleaning Companies

We all hope to see the pandemic fade away, never to be seen again. However, we won’t forget our need and desire for cleanliness and sanitation. Cleaning companies will only continue to grow.

Many regular cleaning companies now offer sanitation services to disinfect surfaces, leaving homes and businesses not only clean, but free of germs.

Now with a greater appreciation, cleaning companies will fare well with many new ones popping up in 2021.

Remote Work

Working remotely has taken off like wildfire and thankfully seen as a positive by many employees and employers.

Remote employees decrease the need for office space and offer employees more time with family, less commuting, and less cost in things like work clothes and lunches out. Many are hoping to continue working remotely even as offices reopen.

With remote work comes a need for home office supplies. Laptops, desks, and chairs to lessen back pain have sky-rocketed and will continue to do so.

Keep an eye on the booming industries of 2021 as you consider a new business startup yourself, and to get an idea of where we’re currently heading as a society.

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Written by Logan Voss

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