What Should You Include in a Park Design?

A park can be a great place for your local community, as it provides a means for people to enjoy the outdoors. We’re spending more time inside than ever, and a park can offer a break from devices and other sedentary activities. But what should you include in a park design? These are essential components that every park needs.

Seating and Shelter

After walking for a bit, many people enjoy sitting in a park and soaking in the fresh air or chatting. You should include seating and shelter as part of your design. This could come in the form of benches along walkways or picnic tables. Heavy seats or seats that you can attach to the ground may be preferable if you want to prevent anyone from moving their positions. Having some shelter is also necessary for providing protection from the sun and rain. Gazebos and pavilions are ideal structures that have roofs while still being open to their surroundings.

Thoughtful Landscaping

Landscaping is also a part of what you should include in a park design. You should carefully plan the arrangement of trees, bushes, and lawns to serve the practical needs of visitors. Place trees strategically so that they don’t get in the way of recreational activities but can accommodate people who want to sit under them for shade. Shrubs mostly serve decorative purposes, so you may plant them near shelter structures or around perimeter areas. You’ll also want to create spacious fields with even ground so that people can play sports.


Fencing may not seem like a prominent factor to consider for parks, but it’s actually highly important. If you include a playground, you may need fencing to make it safer. A nice fence can prevent kids from running out onto nearby parking lots or streets. Just make sure that the fence is easy to see through, so that parents can monitor their children even when standing outside the playground. Chain-link fences are also helpful in parks because they can section off specialized sports areas, such as baseball fields and tennis courts. The fences will keep stray balls from getting lost or hitting nearby people. Knowing these benefits of fences for parks will help you plan a park design effectively, as these unassuming structures can serve so many roles.

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Written by Logan Voss

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